CMS trade auction motorhomes campervans caravans leisure vehicles

This may well be the most popular “motorhome auction” in the UK for the CMS trade auction motorhomes, campervans, and caravans leisure vehicles are all being entered and with two sales a month and full access online for trade members. All the vehicles have appraisals and details that can be viewed online. This provides time to see if you have a customer. There are a number of benefits if you are a trade vendor so ask for more information call “we buy any motorcaravan” and they will take you through the terms and conditions.

Trade auctions for 2023

This Monday Trade only auction 01283 240237

All the auction start at 10.30 am

  • Monday 27th  March
  • Monday 10th  April
  • Monday 24th  April
  • Monday   8th  May
  • Monday 29th  May
  • Monday 12th  June
  • Monday 26th June
  • Monday 10th  July
  • Monday 31st   July
  • Monday 14th  August
  • Monday 28th  August
  • Monday 11th  September
  • Monday 25th September
  • Monday    9th October
  • Monday 30th October
  • Monday 13th November
  • Monday 27th November
  • Monday 11th December

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