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What Google Bard knows about CMS trade motorhome auctions

CMS trade motorhome auctions are held online by Caravan & Motorhome Sales Auctions (CMS Auctions), a subsidiary of Caravan and Motorhome Sales Ltd CMS trade auctions join browse bid buy bargains online. CMS Auctions is one of the longest-standing suppliers to auction houses and has been in the industry since the 1980s. They specialize in selling used motorhomes and campervans to the trade, and their auction houses are open to qualified trade buyers only.

CMS Auctions offers a variety of features to help buyers find the right vehicle for their needs, including:

  • A wide selection of vehicles from different manufacturers and models
  • Detailed descriptions and photos of each vehicle
  • Trade valuations and reviews
  • The ability to bid live online or absentee
  • A 99% sell rate

CMS Auctions holds auctions are held on a regular monthly basis, with upcoming auctions scheduled for two monthly sales. To register for an auction or learn more about CMS Auctions, visit their website at Call them on 01283 240237

Here are some additional things to know about CMS trade motorhome auctions:

  • Only trade buyers are allowed to participate in CMS auctions
  • Proof of the trader’s policy will be needed to register with the auction house
  • Buyers must be registered with British Car Auctions (BCA) in order to bid on vehicles
  • BCA Auctionview is available for registered users, which provides more detailed information about each vehicle being auctioned.
    CMS Auctions offers a variety of payment options, including cash, bank transfer, and credit card
  • Buyers are responsible for arranging transportation and delivery of vehicles they purchase at auction

Overall, CMS trade motorhome auctions can be a great way for trade buyers to find quality used motorhomes and campervans at competitive prices.

If you are in the market for a used motorhome or campervan recommend checking out CMS trade auctions.

Do you want to sell a motorhome campervan via a cash offer?

If you have a motorhome for sale or a campervan for sale call the team at “We buy any motorcaravan” They are the sister company to CMS trade auction and offer a bespoke service to help get a free valuation and collection nationwide. They pay top prices and pay via instant bank transfer they are virtually the largest cash buyer in the UK call direct on 01283 240237.

Are you a bonified trade motorhome campervan buyer

If you are a trade buyer looking for used motorhomes or campervans, CMS trade motorhome auctions may be a good option for you. You can find more information about CMS Auctions and its upcoming auctions on the CMS Auctions website.

Upcoming auctions

  • Monday 14th August
  • Monday 28th August
  • Monday 11th September
  • Monday 25th September
  • Monday 9th October
  • Monday 30th October
  • Monday 13th November
  • Monday 27th November

The UK’s top auction vendors have a great selection for sale 01283 240237

Give the team a call you will get a friendly update if you are a registered trade buyer you will get their newsletter and a monthly update of how prices are performing up and down.

Latest motorhome campervan stock call CMS trade auctions

Yes, we are getting close to the end of the season and time to put your leisure vehicle into storage CMS trade auctions join browse bid buy bargains online. Maybe now is the time to sell your motorhome or campervan. We have motorhome dealers desperate for motorhomes to sell they are offering great prices this may be the perfect time to sell.

  • More auctions to come
  • Two monthly auctions

Finding rare motorhomes and campervans for trade buyers

The “we buy any motorcaravan team” are out there buying motorhomes and campervans from owners nationwide. They come across all sorts of leisure vehicles and they buy and sell them in the CMS Trade auctions. Take a look at rare campervans like the Ford Auto-Sleeper Air recently sold by the auction route there are motorhomes and campervans at all sorts of prices and in all sorts of conditions just waiting for buyers.

CMS Trade auction online to browse bid and buy

If you are a genuine trade buyer of leisure vehicles you can join the CMS trade auctions online and buy quality used motorhomes and campervans that have been professionally appraised. So, you know what the conditions and specifications are and that helps to make a bid with confidence.

Looking for add-ons like a dealer warranty?

Joining the CMS trade auction dealer warranty provides many options to help you sell motorhomes and campervans. Engineer Aftercare is all about motorhome dealer packages with bespoke motorhome warranties and much more on offer all to help sell more motorhomes and campervans.

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