Comparing Motorhomes

OK, let us go comparing motorhomes, what shall we compare, you may well ask? Well, let’s look at value for money and specifications, for a starter for 10! Now, we could look at the many different values, on van conversions and other coachbuilt motorhomes. However, here we are going to focus, on those fixed bed motorhomes. Asking the question, why do people, like fixed bed motorhomes? The fact is, no one wants to make up a bed at bedtime. So, we ask, is that what is making the McLouis Fusion to be so successful? The fact is that all five McLouis Fusion models, have the fixed bed layout! Are we all lazy? Surly not! Not wanting, to be messing about. Just consider, what comparing motorhomes is all about. Just selecting motorhome reviews and trying to compare, is a starting point. But, just what do we compare the “McLouis Fusion” with? There are similar Roller Team or Swift drop down bed examples. However, let us, look at a little “Spanish” number for starters. The “Benimar Mileo” 2019 range.

Now, lets just look at what maybe, is helping the McLouis Fusion, to get that edge, on the competition. Now, the Trigano Group connection, is bound to have some influences. Both, in specification and technical issues. All, that being said, just let us take a quick look at some key features on the McLouis Fusions. How about, all being four berths, with end garages? Now, don’t miss the fact, that four out of the five, in the range, have five travelling seats, with seat belts. We certainly know what makes a difference, in that style and feel of Italian motorhomes. However, we could just count on the key three features. The ones that keep the customers coming to buy a McLouis Fusion. With the much liked fixed bed layout, an end garage and ample travelling seats, all good, for our starter for ten! Guess what the Benimar Mileo has similar key points! OK, let us look at it another way, Italian or Spanish compare the cultures! Should be fun!

Comparing Motorhomes Just Like Spain v Italy

In some ways, when you like the looks of a motorhome layout, that may make a difference. But, does that affect the customers final choice? So, no matter how you look at it. This is Italy v Spain. In our opinion; It is a bit like comparing, a cheap package holiday, on the Spanish costa brava. As opposed to an Italian lakes, high class holiday. The food and accommodation, are always going to be part of the holiday selection. As with on motorhomes, the kitchen, cooking and the bed space, all have to be considered. Not forgetting, the weather! That is something you could not really compare! But, lets not go there! We could go on; Spain is almost two times bigger than Italy! But, when you compare, Benimar to McLouis, it is like for like comparing? The Italy v Spain thing, all over again, it is a bit like comparing;

  1. Juventus to Real Madrid
  2. Buffon to de Gea
  3. Seat to Fiat
  4. Sangria to Limoncello
  5. Rome to Madrid
  6. Sicily to Corsica
  7. Pasta to Tortilla
  8. Valentino to Zara
  9. Pavarotti to Julio Iglesias

Comparing Motorhomes Like for Like

A quick look at comparing motorhomes, leads us to the Benimar Mileo 2 series. Because, they have similar things. This is a range of low profile models, they have electric drop down beds, on selected layouts. The Benimar Mileo 2 series models, are like the McLouis Fusion. They have a MTPLM weight of 3500 kg. So, this allows anyone with a full UK driving licence, to drive them. Also, with the option to upgrade all models, to take advantage of any payload increases. This is the same as the McLouis Fusion. So. let us dig a little deeper!

Comparing Motorhomes McLouis

comparing motorhomes

Comparing Motorhomes Benimar

comparing motorhomes

Comparing Motorhomes Residual Values

So, lets not go on, with all this, has it got that, does it have this business. Let’s cut to the chase and think about residual values. How do we get a good price for our second hand McLouis or Benimar motorhome? Well, this is going to come down to a number of things. Supply and demand. What was the price when brand new? How many are for sale? Is it a genuine imported motorhome. Some people, just wait for the new ones to filter through second hand. That way the VAT issues have disappeared a little in some ways. The motorhome dealers, have to pay the vat over, 20%. This is a whopping amount! So, that has to reflect a little in any second hand value. Now, if we have an oversupply situation, then that has to put pressure, on the long term residual value. These are things, that people, don’t take fully into full consideration when comparing motorhomes.

Comparing Motorhomes Italian McLouis Fusion

Looking at the arrival of any new motorhome, is always great to see. Has it got the latest gizmos? What’s new? Is it in my price range, can I get a motorhome finance deal? With the McLouis Fusion, the introduction grabbed people’s imagination. Great specifications a simple 5 models to choose from. All fixed bed layouts, making life so simple!

Comparing Motorhomes Spanish Benimar Mileo

Well, the really interesting thing about the Benimar Mileo, is that it is true Spanish. The motorhome is now for sale in the UK. Whilst the Trigano Group, owns the brand and company. They are brought it into the UK by Marquis, who are part of the Trigano Group. Many similar features, provides a comparison on some things. However, the residual value, is going to be tested, as the sales increase.

Comparing Motorhomes Three P’s

Have we really made, a like for like comparison? Well, not in fine detail, we will leave that one job to you! What we hoped to have achieved, is highlighting, two very desirable motorhome brands. The specifications and prices, are always going to be similar. But, some additional specification, may make a difference. Now, all you have to do is pick out, the one that you really like. In the end, you are the customer and it is your choice! What is our opinion? Well, it is like the day at the office, would you like to go home in a Ferrari or a Seat? Well, all that being said, it comes down to horses for courses? The most important thing is to remember, that one person’s meat is another person’s poison. We cannot, all be the same. Especially, in choosing, what we like. There will always be a compromise, somewhere to be made. However, comparing, may help in the final choice. This is not just about two motorhomes. This is about, the three P’s, passion, pride and perfection. So, for now it is; Adiós, Arrivederci – Goodbye!