Comparing Motorhome

The article below was published “comparing motorhomes” a while back in March at the beginning of the 2019 season the McLouis Fusion dealers was gearing up to do the motorhome shows and launch the five McLouis Fusion models. Comparing motorhomes is never an easy job this for customers reflects, what we do we like to see how promotions are working and what the customers think. Having been totally engulfed with Brexit motorhomes it has made a difference clearly there has been a cost for the Brexit issues with many customers are still sitting out making a decision the waiting game for some goes on the worst thing to date has been the pound sterling against the Euro is not helping matters.

European motorhome manufacturers play a large part in the UK motorhome market place how are doing a good question the motorhome marketing revolves around “value for money,” no surprises there then, however, the main point is about the longer-term just what will motorhomes be worth in the future? The pounds fluctuating has by no means finished Brexit is seeing to that this is about the longer term. Customers are entitled to ask the question “what is my motorhome going to be worth in 2/3 years time just how many are able to answer that question there lies a lot of guesswork as they say you cannot have the cake and eat it.

Comparing Motorhomes The Cost of Discounting Motorhomes

If a motorhome is being heavily discounted, it has to reflect on what it is worth today. Six grand off list price actually may mean another potential £1,200 vat saving. So, that is a discount and vat saving, a whopping £7,200! On an average of £54,000 list price, that means £46,800 drive away price. Now, just what is that motorhome worth for cash, when registered. Ask a buyer like at “we buy any motorhomes”? You could be in for a reality check. There has to be a point of valuation, that reflects the discounted price.

Comparing Motorhomes Holidays

Comparing the cost of a family holiday for mum dad two children and granny how much will that cost this could be £5,000 for two weeks when you look at flight’s, hotel bills, hire cars, restaurant bills, they all add up compared to a holiday for a motorhome owner available for as long as they like. All this pales into insignificance on the second motorhome holiday not to mention all those weekends away no flights to catch or hotel bills to pay the value of motorhome ownership payback soon add up. The value for money a motorhome holiday provides over a conventional holiday the motorhome holiday is a no brainer the motorhome wins hands down. However, there is always the choice to make of where to go which to buy a McLouis Fusion an Italian job verses a Benimar Mileo from Spain your own personal hotel on wheels to enjoy those savings.