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Consequences Ukraine Russia European motorhome supplies. We show some of Alan’s videos on motorhomes, he normally attends motorhome shows in Germany and Poland and understands a lot about Ukraine. In the video above he discovers what is happening for Ukrainian people escaping the war from Putin’s Russia. We will show more of Alans videos as we get them. He is certainly going to hopefully tell us the truth as he finds it.

We Have To Help Anyway We Can

Well, what a horrible article to have to write and our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people and any Russians opposed to this senseless war. After 2.5 years of waiting for the NEC motorhome show to start up again, it is overshadowed by the events this time even more deadly than covid. Even more so for those who live in Ukraine. People walking around the NEC show may not as yet realise the issues and difficulties of supply of both new and used motorhomes has just got a whole lot worse. We have had so many calls and discussions with our close contacts whilst we don’t have many answers we can only point out some of the issues. The questions are;

  • Where are the largest motorhome manufacturers based?
  • Who are the most reliant countries using Russian products?
  • Italy and Germany rely 40% on Russian gas and oil
  • Microchips are made in Russia these chips are needed in vehicle supply

Rising prices

Ongoing Covid is still not over this was the reason, we did not go to the NEC show. Learning to live with Covid is one thing, escaping war is far worse. The facts are no one we speak to can believe that we are where we are. Faced with what this war can do, escalation hardly bears thinking of. Take a look at issues that have caused the lack of used motorhomes and campervans for sale a huge demand that cannot be fed and new supply disrupted by manufacturers’ lack of components ie microchips and actual chassis. Many manufacturers are saying 2023 delivery dates are all being well, the real bad news is costs have risen and that has brought substantial price increases. Having waited for many months to be told a delivery date and the bad news that prices have risen by £9,000 and more in many cases is a shock to the system.

Rising costs

The price increases have been hard to take on board especially if you are a dealer because many buyers have the right to cancel so what may be counting as a sale on the balance sheet, no longer is the case. Let’s point out what is faced by any manufacturer based in Europe and the UK.

  • Higher costs
  • Higher wages
  • Lack of components to keep the supply going
  • Shortage of labour
  • Cost base increases
  • Oil and gas to heat and power factories
  • List prices rising
  • Moving cost base and no dealer strength due to lack of stock

Supply chain disruptions

Russia and Ukraine have things in common, so look at what powers motorhome manufacturing? Gas, oil, components, parts, workers, distribution are all part of the build cycles. On the sales process, many manufacturers rely on large motorhome shows like the Caravan Salon, covid stopped shows taking place, restricted travel may make things happen again where events are cancelled.

The costs of motorhome ownership will no doubt rise and simple things like diesel and petrol will rise rapidly. Rising oil prices due to the war are a worry to everyone relying ng on cars to get to work, even shipping freight is affected making rates high.

Motorhome holidays will become restricted as costs rise and staycation becomes the norm. Some other statistics that may set alarm bells ringing is that a quarter of the world’s trade in wheat, about a fifth of corn sales and 80% of sunflower oil exports come from Russia and Ukraine. So, sanctions are urgent and that also means pain for the UK as well.

  • Gas supplies many European countries rely on Russian gas
  • Lots of factories supplying components use Russian gas supplies
  • Russia manufacture and supplies microchips for vehicles
  • Gas pipelines to Europe come through Ukraine
  • Russia and Ukraine export neon, palladium and platinum, all of which are critical for microchip production
  • Russia and Ukraine’s global production of nickel, copper and iron
  • Ukraine produces wheat, barley and rye that Europe relies on
  • The war and sanctions affect the whole supply chains
  • Stock markets fall and exchange rates go up
  • Payments if excluded from other exchanges means payment issues
  • Motorhome factories in Europe rely on just-in-time management
  • Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Slovenia factories employ many people

Why does Ukraine matter?

Why Ukraine matters is a good question and here are a few answers. There are a number of reasons and it is worth noting them and understanding why this has happened. Maybe not just Mr Putin making war on Ukraine there may be a hidden agenda. Ukraine matters that is a fack and its independence are important to the world.

  • Ukraine is the second-largest country by area in Europe by area
  • It has a population of over 40 million ( that’s more than Poland)
  • Ukraine ranks 1st in Europe in recoverable reserves of uranium
  • In Europe, second and tenth place in the world for titanium ore
  • Has reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons)
  • The largest iron ore reserves in the world ( some 30 billion tons)
  • Number two in Europe for mercury ore reserves
  • It comes in at 13th place in the world in shale gas reserves
  • Ranks at number four for natural resources
  • Has coal reserves some 33.9 billion tons!
  • Ukraine is an important agricultural country in terms of arable land area
  • It has black soil 25% of the world’s volume
  • One of the largest exports of sunflower and sunflower oil
  • 2nd in Barley production 4th in barley exports
  • It is the 3rd largest producer, being the 4th largest exporter of corn in the world
  • For those who like fist and chips they are 4th largest producer of potatoes in the world
  • The 5th largest rye producer in the world and the 5th place in the world in bee production (75,000 tons)
  • It is highly placed in the world in wheat exports and the 9th place in the world in the production of chicken eggs
  • Also has a place in the world in cheese exports
  • Ukraine can meet the food needs of 600 million people it is an important industrialised country
  • Number one in Europe in ammonia production.
  • Also and this is an important note Ukraine Europe’s 2nd’s and the world’s 4th largest natural gas pipeline
  • This fact is concerning that Ukraine is the 8th largest in the world of installed capacity of nuclear power plants
  • Europe and 11th in the world in terms of rail network length
  • Has a large production of locators and locating equipment
  • Largest iron exporter in the world
  • An exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants in the world and the 4th world’s largest manufacturer of rocket launchers
  • Clay and titanium exports and defence industry products
  • Just for good measure, it is the largest steel producer in the world

Need Some Help Sell Your Motorhome?

We want to help anyone wanting to sell a leisure vehicle and our advertisers find customers. That being said how can we help Ukraine and Poland who are working overtime to help refugees. This may just be providing a platform to help locate anyone who has got caught up in this Putin war. We are happy to help in any way we can. So, you may have planned an easter escape and are a little concerned about travelling in Europe at the moment. So, a staycation is going to continue and no doubt capacity will again be an issue.

Are You Looking For Something Special

Right now, we are not quite certain how we can help? So please tell us what will help you. We know that leisure vehicles may be the last thing that Ukraine needs but, to help anyone we will it may be a message board or a promise that when things get back to normal, we will promote any leisure business in Ukraine and Poland for free. Looking back at the videos of times gone by and places motorhome and campervan owners have visited may give comfort to help rebuild Ukraine. The Polish support to help Ukrainians in this time of need will never be forgotten and again any leisure related things again can be helped let us know.

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  • Area: 603,548 km²
  • Capital: Kyiv
  • President: Volodymyr Zelenskyy
  • Population: 44.13 million (2020) World Bank
  • Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia
  • Official language: Ukrainian

Do you need help?

Do you need help? Just drop us an email or fill in the form on the contact us page. We are happy to help via our many contacts and remind people that we are not a motorhome or campervan dealer. We are here to provide motorhome reviews and information about most motorhomes and campervan services. Especially any help we can provide to Poland and Ukraine businesses. We know it’s going to be hard and take a long time but just ask us. Book mark Alans Heath pages

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We know how big this conflict is we wish Ukraine people well and MHCV offers help if we can provide it just let us know. Ukraine will rise again and hopefully for the better as well as providing things to make motorhomes and campervans in Europe.