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Yes, that is the spirit, go on a journey of social media with us. We make those adverts count, for all our customers. You may have had online adverts before, but ,do they include promoting via Social Media? Ask us about our PR services, we have specialist PR that works well with our SEO services. Promoting your motorhome business with a passion. That is our main aim, to make sure that motorhome customers, have actually heard about you.

We have the power and the knowledge, to get you on the motorhome map! That is a journey that may take some time. Those Google front page guaranteed are mostly hype. We take a drains up look at where you are, then set out our services and what we will do. Nothing is left to chance and we report as best we are able what our services are achieving.

Go Social With Motorhomes Campervans

Our Services

We are to support customers, selling motorhomes and campervans. Maybe, the word basic listing is a little understatement. So, when you set out to sell any motorhome or campervan, describing the specification, is very important. Also, getting as much information about your vehicle is a real must. We make it easy to use our website to attract buyers.

Who Deals With Us

Many dealers, see us as an extension to help kick start promotions. Just getting us to write and publish an article, adds real traffic and interest. Why is that? Well, we know a trick or to in getting our posts and pages on Google page ones.

Social Media

That combined with our social media presence, especially our Facebook “usedmotorhomesforsale” and motorhomes campervans group.  All add real customer value, our Twitter contributes with our Facbook well. Our services go far beyond what most people offer. We are not an agency or a broker! We are just passionate about motorhomes and campervans.

  1. monthly followers and rising on pinterest
  2. usedmotorhomesforsale
  3. Twitter followers and rising
  4. motorhomes campervans Facebook group
  5. Linkedin pages and articles
  6. Google plus posts
  7. YouTube and Podcasts
  8. VR Virtual Reality and presentations
  9. all SEO services and more
  10. top PR specialist available
  11. content writing
  12. specialist blogs
Dealer SEO Support £120 includes vat per listing.

SEO listing. We provide SEO services to help your listing with content writing and keyword selection. This involves us taking your basic listing and adding value to help it to be found. You may have the most desirable motorhome at a good price. However, it is not the listing, it is the “search” that finds it that is important. Also, how and who finds it and what they want to know about your motorhome or campervan. SEO listings are £100 plus vat total £120.00 per listing.

Dealer Social Media Listings £240 includes vat per listing.

Social media listings. We take the SEO listing and place it on our social media platforms @usedmotorhomesforsale at Facebook and our Twitter page. In fact, social media is growing and we know how to use it and how import it is to use the promotional value. We use every aspect of our social media to promote your listings. We look to provide other shares and likes to your listing with us. Social media listing we charge £200 plus vat total £240.00 per listing.

Dealer consultancy 20 £1380 includes vat per month

Consultancy 20 for any motorhomes dealer. This provides assistance to enhance sales and we look after vehicle listings up to a maximum of 20 adverts per month. We do everything in setting up to promote the listings. As with all our services they are to ease the motorhome marketing costs. We take the information of the vehicles via email (images supplied by the customer). We write the content with SEO and keyword selection. Placing the listings on our website and social media platforms. This is for busy dealers who need that service to add value. Our aim with this service is to build a vendor profile that our readers can trust. Consultancy 20 services we charge £1,150 plus vat total £1,380.00 per month.

Private Sellers £240 per listing

Private motorhome sellers. To support private sellers we offer a full range of services. So, we take your basic listings and carry out content writing to help enhance the SEO side of your listing. When we have the content correct we focus on the images you are allowed 3 per vehicle. If you have a video of the vehicle on You Tube we can embed that into the listing as well. We try to ensure that when we have the basics in place that we then promote on our social media pages. Private sellers listing we charge £200 plus vat total £240.00 per listing.

Is your Social Media Working?

It’s Good To Talk About Our Services

Unable to find what you want us to do? Drop us a line and we will be in touch with you. Do you understand what we do? Let us explain a little more about our services and what they do. We know that being in the motorhome industry is very capital intensive. That has been hidden for quite some time by low interest rates. So, stocking motorhomes, has not been as focused as it should be.

Your Employees

Making things happen comes down to the staff that you employ. They may well have a long track record of working in sales, service and other parts of your business. However, they may well have not a clue, what we do and why! We know that there are other people to consider, as well and they are shareholders! If you have shareholders are you giving them shareholder value?

Business & Marketing Plan

How are you planning to take your motorhome business forward? What is the plan and how are you going to role it out? That business plan is it robust? How does the motorhome marketing plan fit it? Can you really monitor the performance?

Now not many in reasonably successful businesses, will admit that they have a plan? Have they stopped to think, what is going to happen? Do they have any idea, what they should be spending on marketing? It comes as no surprise, that many large motorhome businesses ,do not know what is driving interest in their business!

The Trump Effect

The challenge is to ask them and see what the answers are! We know from our USA customers, that RV recreational vehicles have just taken off and that is not all down to the new man on the block. In Europe motorhome sales and rentals are up as well! So, there are some very key factors going on and will we see the effect, here in dear old Blighty?

Train Plane or Motorhome?

Going to an airport for that holiday flight has become a little bit of a risky business. Security checks, time before flights, to be at the airport and peak time long delays. Most people spend at least 2 hours, getting on and 2 hours getting off airplanes. So, in a motorhome that is four hours, at 56 mph that is 224 miles and counting, on you way to that holiday destination.

Other Key Factors

No cancellations, stop where you want, go where you want, within reason! However, there is another factor to our motorhome revival and that here in the UK is an aging population. With campervans now appealing to a younger outdoor audience, the family holiday is back!

The Opportunity

So, to find out how to tap into this outstanding opportunity. It’s called social media and we can take your business forward with our services and a good motorhome marketing plan you will be good to go!

Motorhome Podcasts

Do you want to put your business really on the motorhome map? Well we are combining a real way forward, for any switched on motorhome dealers to have a number of real options to blow the competition away. Those good people you employ need to be presented for all the good deeds they do for customers.


We do a full hands on podcast, that turns into a video on YouTube,This then can be embedded, into your social media and your website. We add to this a VR Virtual Reality tour of your set up. Then your customers can view you and your new motorhomes for sale, in 3D. They will be able to be virtually walking round your premisses, from their own home!

VR Virtual Reality

What does this do? It drives people to interact with you and then you can enhance the whole experience. This means that with both old and new customers, are able to understand the proposition better. This really project the motorhome brands collectively and individually!

Happy To Help

Yes we know what ours services can do for your business and that is what this is all about.