Defining Motorhome Reviews

Reviewing, some well know magazine motorhome reviews, thinking what would be the deciding factor? Defining motorhome reviews? Just focusing, on the details of all sorts of motorhomes and campervans, we recently to a look. Yes, they were very informative, they had some very nice pictures and surprise, surprise, they all had reviews of 5 to 5.5 stars. How are motorhomes, similar in motorhome reviews? Many rated virtually the same? Could it be that they all have large page adverts, in the same magazines? Motorhome reviews, maybe just a way of advertising. We guess we are being a little harsh in jumping to conclusions or are we? Who remembers the 1970’s “Fly the flag” British Leyland dealers marketing? Well, as they say, you are able to lead a horse to water, but, will it drink?

There is no doubt, that most motorhome owners are generally very nice people. However, we do not like what we see. So, this article is about defining motorhome reviews. What does any first-time motorhome buyer, really need to know? Well, how about a little honesty, followed by calling, a spade! Yes, that first-time motorhome buyer deserves better. Because, relying on a biased opinion, not only be misleading, but very expensive! Also, we have a quest to get accurate residual values of motorhomes and campervans. With poor inaccurate reviews, comes overstated residual values! No good to man or beast! Good honest motorhome advice is essential. The odd comment in a review sometimes is misleading. But, how uncomfortable the bed was, hardly applies, if you are 6′ 5″ and the bed is only 6′! Over egging the pudding, seems to be a quality of some motorhome editors.

Defining Motorhome Reviews Pricing

Defining motorhome reviews, let us break it down a little, many of us have our favourite make and model. But, that may be biased in itself! Therefore, we need to break it down and look at forums. See what the real reviews are really about! People who own the motorhomes are the real experts, in reviewing any make or model! If it leaks like a sieve, then they are going to let you know. If it rattles along, with doors flying open, they will tell you. In fact, if it is the best thing since sliced bread, they will also tell you. You need;

  1. honesty in all areas of an article
  2. yes, it is good
  3. no, it is not any good at all
  4. no grey areas
  5. you are needing an honest motorhome review
  6. just a report warts and all
  7. articles are only as good as who write them
  8. independent honest motorhome reviews
  9. defining motorhome reviews, really that good?
  10. listen to motorhome owners, they are the experts

Defining Motorhome Reviews Owners

The five-star motorhome review! Now, let’s ignore the so-called magazine reviews. We need to focus, on getting familiar, with real live motorhome journalists, those motorhome owners. Over the months, we have noticed more and more forums and owners clubs. Information, being posted on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. All have stories, to tell us and offer free motorhome advice. Talking about from the horse’s mouth, is an understatement! Yes, some of that motorhome advice is outstanding in context and truthful. Nothing like what you find, when defining motorhome reviews, in magazines. No way is any motorhome magazine, whose lifeblood is advertising revenue. Are they going to tell us, that these clients motorhomes are renowned for water ingress? No! Let alone tell us that the fridge door has fallen off yet again! Or it is worth only orange and a pencil sharpener. As they say, the truth hurts! Finding out this amazing review, actually was not quite right, this may be costly to you, the customer!

Defining Motorhome Reviews Brands

Best motorhome brands, what makes that defining motorhome reviews, the most truthful moment? Honesty, this motorhome is not so good. The politician’s answer, we think it could be better!  What the motorhome is worth second hand, warts and all! On forums, people tend to discuss the large and small issues, of what needs mending. The “please will anyone tell me” how are commonplace questions? Therefore, we have started to build a place, that is not so much in the public domain. They are called motorhome groups, they all reside inside different websites online. Yes, we link from them to other great forums, as we are not in competition with anyone. We are on a mission to find more accurate residual values, information to count on. Owners, who say they sold at x and it turns out to be y are not much good. But, those who say it needed some habitation work, due to a damp patch are invaluable.

Defining Motorhome Reviews Dealers

Motorhome groups, this has become a quest for a space, for owners, dealers and manufacturers. Motorhome owners being frank, about their motorhome and discuss with other people. This is the basis of a clear indication, of defining motorhome reviews. So, from motorhome dealers and manufacturers, to actual owners information is king. As such, all have a good gripe or praise the actual motorhome or campervan. That will help raise standards and flush out good and bad things. We are not interested in flogging advertising space, just giving people a space to air things better. This then will lead to people buying and selling motorhomes and campervans, building a guide to values and reviews to trust!

Defining Motorhome Reviews Values

Building residual value guarantees. If this then leads to actually making residual values, being more accurate, our job will be done. Why? Well without a sound guarantee of residual value, then motorhome finance, will never have a PMC (personal motorhome plan). The whole car industry revolves around Glasses Guide, CAP (current auction prices) and even Parkers guide. On their residual values then PCP (personal car) plans are based. With a finance company, able to work out the payments, all based on what the vehicle is worth, at a time and mileage in the future! So, firstly if we can build a picture of what is good and what is bad. Thereafter, what sells well and what they are really worth, then we are on our way. Motorhomes and campervans appeal to virtually everyone, it is just the entry price that is the issue. Oh and those questionable motorhome reviews! We need to make history as well!

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Defining Motorhome Reviews

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