A press statement from Derby Motorhomes “they are pleased to announce that they are now retailing the McLouis Fusion range of motorhomes from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, who are one of the longest established UK motorhomes manufacturers. The McLouis Fusion has five models to choose from, all are stylish, outstanding Italian made motorhomes with that combination of practical, multi-berth layouts, each featuring an end garage and drop-down over cab bed”.

“From the compact 331, at 5.99 meters long, a 4 berth, 4 travel seats with seat belt coach-built from just £52,095 on the road, through the two 6.99 metre models, the McLouis Fusion 360 has the transverse fixed bed and the McLouis Fusion 367 model has an island bed layout at just £55,095 on the road. Two other models are in the range, the twin fixed bedded 373 and another second island bed model, the McLouis Fusion 379. Both the 373 and 379 are 7.5 metres long starting at £57,095 on the road. The range is fresh, new and fantastically Italian and modern. An ideal choice for any first-time buyer”.

Derby Motorhomes Selling McLouis Fusion