Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome Holiday Brexit Concerns

Now, let’s be sure that your destination Europe 2019 motorhome holiday brexit concerns are pending. No one knows, the outcome of the events still to unfold. However, what would the worse case scenario look like? Stuck in France, in your motorhomes, parked out of the sun, drinking wine. No negative vibes there then Moriarty. So, let us be positive, we are definitely not having, destination Europe 2019 motorhome holiday brexit concern. Honest! Well, what is going to happen? Being a boy scout best “be prepared”!

Traveling in your motorhome to Europe pre brexit was not big thing. Book online a ferry that fits your journey, make sure you have your documents. Then rock up to a ferry or Eurotunnel and away you go! Fast forward, it is April 1st 2019! You do all of the things, that you did in the past. However, there are a few problems, travelling and crossing from Dover. You are in a queue, behind a load of heavy goods vehicles. Apparently, it extends, 20 miles. The radio news tells you, it is going to be a slow job to cross to France. Not to mention a return crossing, if you can find an open port!

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome Holiday Expect The Unexpected

OK, let us get real here, what if long delays really happen? Yes, anything is possible, if every vehicle is going to be stopped and inspected. Then that is not a good start, to your European motorhome holiday adventure. Imaging having to wait a good day to cross into Europe. Well, that would not be to bad. You are in a motorhome, so, at least you can make a cup of tea! However, destination Europe 2019 motorhome holiday, has just become a real challenge. Let us remind you of what it did entail to travel in Europe. Historically, the paperwork, documents and identity proof, not all compulsory but, to take with you were;

  1. your driving licence, hopefully in date
  2. passport again in date
  3. details of your insurance, the cover certificate third party cover, a minimum requirement
  4. the weight of your motorhome from a weighbridge, always would come in handy
  5. current MOT certificate if applicable
  6. the registration documents to prove ownership
  7. having a roadside assistance and breakdown cover, again comes in handy here
  8. travel insurance, for all going in the motorhome
  9. breathalyser kit
  10. bulb kit, no not tulips for electric bulb failure
  11. warning triangle
  12. fire extinguisher
  13. first aid kit
  14. high vis jackets for all passengers
  15. nationality sticker

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome Holiday Brexit

Right, if the UK remains in the EU you do not need an International driving permit. However, things are changing. Mind you there is good reason to have one. In the UK they are available from the post office. However, what ever the changes post-brexit, who knows. However, in the past we needed the dreaded “green card”. The idea here was that it proved, that you met the very minimum Insurance requirements. It is surprising, many still do not realise, that there are certain tariffs in place, in certain European countries. They actually will require you to purchase special tax for your motorhome. This is to travel on their motorways. Not wishing to speculate but, this could become the norm. In Austria, if your motorhomes is under 3,500 kg. Then surprise, surprise, you need to buy and display a toll sticker, called a vignette. It does not end there! In addition, to prove payment, your motorhome must have a ‘GO Box’ fitted by Velcro to their windscreen! Yes, you guessed it. This then measures the distances travelled and charges you accordingly.

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome Stay Safe

No matter, what happens to brexit rules and regulations will remain. The important one at all times is to stay safe! The next one is know your speed limits. Many, if not virtually all European countries, the speed limit on built-up roads is 50 kilometers per hour. Any motorhomes weighing more than 3,500 kg will need to keep to motorway speeds. Again, this may be as low as 50 kilometers per hour. Research, before you go what the speed limits are; this will be better than handing over those Eros to pay the fine. There are many publications, to be found online, about the many key things on motorhome travel.

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome IDP License 

Yes, just when you thought that you had it all sorted. Let us look at which country are you planning on driving in? Because, after the 28th of March 2019 you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP)! Talk about going backwards, this may well just be the brexit start of a list required.  In the UK the post office, have come to the rescue. Online, all you have to do, is use the lookup “do you need an IDP”? At the moment, we need as much help as possible. The Post Office information provided, uses a country checker tool. At the moment this is based on International Driving Permit (IDP) requirements. This is for people travelling after 28th March 2019. See the Gov website for info as well.

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome McLouis 

Well, you may be still going into Europe for that motorhome holiday. As they say “when in Rome do as the Romans do”! Consider buying an Italian motorhome may be a simple answer. Travelling in Europe in a leading Italian branded motorhome makes life easy. Breix legislation apart, the McLouis brand is large and they have full support in place. So, now in the UK. Buying a McLouis Fusion is easy, how Italian is that? Ask, a McLouis Fusion dealer for more information.

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome Holiday

Destination Europe 2019 Motorhome Going Italian

When travelling on a motorhome holiday, you need to have your documents, in a safe place. None more so than your passport ! With identity theft on the rise. travelling and keeping your documents safe. is important. You may have a safe in your motorhome? But, what if the motorhome gets stolen? The documents in the safe, may be safe for a while. But what then? Stay safe and keep an eye out, when using or showing your passports to anyone!