Destination Europe

Now, is planning a trip to destination Europe, a good idea is making destination Europe, before the Brexit exit a sound idea? Does, it matter anymore, waiting to see what happens is it that important? Well, let’s pop down the storage depot or jump aboard on your motorhome, on the driveway. Take should, sort it! Sit behind the wheel of your motorhome, and plan that destination Europe trip. Why wait? However, before departure day, to drive your motorhome in Europe, there are a few things to do. Planning going to the best destinations in Europe. Maybe, wanting that trip to run smoothly, then we better remind you, about planning such a trip.

Early birds catching ferries may have been the order of the day, however, some savings on advance tickets booking early like older motorhome owners remembering that booking service from last year comes in handy every time. There are many obstacles that may enter the equation risk of breakdowns even the Brexit confusion may cause a delay. Having the motorhome maintained at short notice was not an issue now more of legal requirements in European countries mechanical and habitation services are an essential part any preparations MOT test needs to cover the duration of the trip if applicable check when it runs out as it’s not going to help if you’re in Spain.

Destination Europe Places to Visit 

Destination Europe summer holidays plan the trip help in keeping in touch with a media pack for communications and Internet access they have made life much easier. Good satellite navigation with constant wifi signal is an essential part of any motorhome holiday. Connect via an i phone, mobile or tablet adds security and safety issues as well. Servicing the motorhome is key to ensuring that the trip runs smoothly having confidence in the motorhome is essential there is no doubt to rely on your motorhomes reliability mechanical and habitation functions are needed to be in tip-top order remember the key points;

  1. use the motorhome registration number to book online
  2. motorhome servicing up to date
  3. check MOT expiry dates (if applicable)
  4. media packs fit to remain in contact
  5. the driving licences and passports
  6. motorhome warranty breakdown cover
  7. insurance is the motorhome on the cover
  8. health insurance does it cover accidents?

Destination Europe Staying Safe 

What are the rules of the road in Europe are they the same throughout the EU local traffic regulations differences in each European country remembering them may well become clearer when travelling through the countries. Therefore, before setting off research the rules of the road especially, when it comes down to emergencies there are tips from the AA (Driving in Europe) these will be of help. Worth having AA membership that has European cover ensure, having some understanding of each country that is planned to visit, for example, a reference to Spain some one-way streets allow parking on one the side of the street if the houses have odd numbers checking that one out and other things to remember;

  • take a hard copy AA guide to drive in Europe
  • bookmark the link of AA page
  • join the AA with European cover
  • ferry booking look for late offers
  • take the credit card for the booking
  • internet connection for maps
  • using YouTube is useful
  • check that tracker is working
  • make sure the sat navigation is working

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