Destination Europe

Now, is planning a trip to destination Europe, a good idea? Is making destination Europe, before the Brexit exit A sound idea? Does, it matter anymore, waiting to see what happens, is it that important? Well, let’s pop down the storage depot or jump aboard on your motorhome, on the driveway. Take should, sort it! Sit behind the wheel of your motorhome, and plan that destination Europe trip. Why wait? However, before departure day, to drive your motorhome in Europe, there are a few things to do. Planning going to the best destinations in Europe. Maybe, wanting that trip to run smoothly, then we better remind you, about planning such a trip.

Early birds catching ferries, may have been the order of the day. However, you may have saved with some advance tickets. Making that booking early would like other motorhome owners, have been fine. However, that booking service from last year now may come in handy! Many obstacles, may enter the equation, the risk of breakdowns, even Brexit confusion. Normally, having your motorhome maintained, at short notice was not an issue. However, with the legal requirements of any European countries. Mechanical and habitation services are essential. This was all part of your preparations. That MOT test needs, to at least cover your trip, if applicable. So, check when it runs out, as that is not going to help if you’re in Spain!

Destination Europe Places to Visit 

Places to visit in destination Europe, in the summer, are usually endless. A good trip, well planned will help. Keeping in touch with the right media pack is worth looking into. Communications and Internet access, have made life much easier. Having that Satellite navigation, is one thing, a solid good wifi signal is another. Being, able to connect via iPhone, mobiles and a tablet. Will add to your security and safety. Servicing your motorhome, this is going to be key, to ensuring that the trip runs smoothly. Having confidence in your motorhome, good to go, is essential. There is no doubt, that you are going to rely on your motorhomes reliability. Ensuring, that both, the mechanical and habitation functions, are in tip-top order, is the priority. So, remember some of the key issues;

  1. book ferries early
  2. online with the registration number (saves time at Eurotunnel)
  3. book motorhome servicing (ASAP)
  4. check MOT expiry dates (if applicable)
  5. see what media packs fit your motorhome
  6. check your driving licence, is in date
  7. check your passport, is in date!
  8. motorhome warranty and breakdown cover
  9. the motorhome insurance, are you on the cover?
  10. health and accident insurance, do you have a policy?

Destination Europe Staying Safe 

So, what are the rules of the road in Europe? Are they all the same throughout the EU? In fact, when it comes to local traffic regulations, there are some differences in each European country. To remember them all, may well become clearer, as you travel through the countries. Therefore, before you set off, it is important to research the rules of the road. Especially, when it comes down to emergencies! There are great tips from the AA (Driving in Europe) these will be of help. Worth having AA membership, that has European cover? Ensure, that you have some understanding of each country that you plan to visit. For example, a reference to Spain, some one-way streets allow parking on the side of the street, so what? Where houses have odd numbers, that is! So, that will keep you busy checking that one out. Things to remember;

  • take a hard copy AA guide to drive in Europe
  • bookmark the link of AA page
  • join the AA with European cover
  • ferry booking details
  • take the credit card that the booking relates to
  • have an internet connection for maps
  • using YouTube is also useful
  • check that tracker is working
  • make sure the sat navigation is working as well

Destination Europe Overweight Motorhomes Spell Danger

How fast do we go? Be prepared to encounter speed limits, in different European countries. Staying within those limits is not a bad idea if you know what they are? Onboard equipment, also needs to be understood, as there are limits to weights. In a previous article, we touched on overweight motorhomes, the weights. All worth checking out, what you need to keep on board, so, do you really need ten pairs of shoes, for your trip? Maybe, worth having your motorhome weighed before you go away; Take note, don’t overload your motorhome, check habitation equipment, weights as well. There is no doubt that overweight motorhomes are dangerous!

Destination Europe Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Europe

Whatever your choice is of a top destination, safety will always be a part of your trip. Practically every country, requires that you carry a warning triangle. Let’s face it that is a good idea, did you know that it Spain and Croatia, you must have two! First aid kits are always worth having. Not empty ones either! A well-stocked one on board needs checking. Greece, Germany, France, Croatia and Austria, first aid kits are a requirement. Reflective jackets, as the saying goes, “don’t leave home without one”! They need to be worn, at the scene of any roadside breakdown or emergency. In Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, Belgium and Austria they are a legal requirement. Fire extinguishers again may add weight to your motorhome. However, when that chip pan catches fire, you will be glad that you added, a fire blanket as well. Fire prevention, just like in your home, a smoke detector is a sound idea. Any sort of fire is a nasty experience. Remember, to have the extinguishers fit for purpose! In Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, the requirement is a fire extinguisher must be on board. So, think about, adding a fire blanket, check fire extinguishers are OK. Yes, test smoke alarms again! Also, take high vis jackets for passengers!

Destination Europe Peace of Mind

No doubt, having a well serviced and a safe motorhome, is an essential part of any journey. However, do not overlook that motorhome insurance policy! Why you may ask? Well many insurance covers, do not extend certain periods of use in Europe. Check how long you have for cover to be in place. Breakdown cover and roadside assistance, again “do not leave home without a policy in place”. Ever tried pushing a motorhome? Ever tried changing a motorhome tyre? At that point, you know why you took out breakdown cover!

Destination Europe Left Hand Drive

Many motorhomes only have a fix and go – no spare wheel! All these covers, as well as any travel insurance in place,  will give you peace of mind! However, when did you last check the fix and go equipment? Looked at the breakdown cover lately? Did you make those contact numbers for emergencies? PS they drive on the right! Yes, sometimes overlooked, is the fact, that they drive on the right-hand side! So, that takes a bit of getting used to!

Destination Europe

Destination Europe be Prepared

Remember the boy scouts motto; Be prepared, other requirements, will no doubt spring up. There is a lot to be gained when driving your motorhome in Europe. In fact, this will expand your knowledge and provide you with real experience. In addition, before you set off double-check, you have all the right documentation. Producing your documents, in an efficient way does make life easier. This also, provides you with peace of mind, that you are legal and ready to rock and roll! As they say some times, planning makes perfect!

Destination Europe Hard Copy 

Having your driving license, with the paper copy, vehicle documents and the current MOT test (where applicable) to hand is important. In this day and age, with many documents online. like an insurance policy for example. However, having the hard copy cover note. helps, especially, when the Internet single goes walkabout! Having, a spare mobile may also come in handy. If lost or stolen modern life is difficult!

Destination Europe