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Dethleffs motorhome group German engineering excellence

Dethleffs motorhome group German engineering excellence. There is a nice story about the Dethleffs motorhome group founder Arist Dethleffs. Because he wanted his family to travel with him on business trips! So, over 80 years ago he built his first recreational vehicle, therefore the family s ability to travel with him. He names his invention “Wohnauto”. As they say, the rest is history! Not to be outdone, the following years sees his first caravans that are built on the order in a wooden shed.

Today that Dethleffs motorhome story continues. Made in Germany and things have certainly developed into making outstanding motorhomes. Having now built new premises on the old site. This will see an increase in both capacities and build times. 2019 has plenty to consider with a few changes being introduced to the Dethleffs motorhome group models. So, the Pulse range is completely new with six A-class and four low-profile motorhomes.  With front lounge layouts, and island double bed or twin single beds available. A-class features a drop-down bed over the cab as standard. Remaining an optional extra on the low-profiles.

Dethleffs Motorhome Group 2019 2023

The Dethleffs motorhome group lengths are 6.99m up to 7.40mwh. All 2.33m wide. Using the 3.5-tonne chassis with the Fiat 130bhp (Euro VI) engine. There is the Grand Turismo (GT) upgrade option to consider as well. Dethleffs continues the Trend range, this sees the addition of three new layouts. The Trend range has a small makeover with new Topaz Applewood décor and wood shade PVC flooring. The A-class models have the same design as the Dethleffs Pulse and Globebus alternatives.

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Dethleffs motorhome group German engineering excellence

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