What is distance selling motorhomes campervans online?

The distance selling motorhome campervans online is about gathering as much information as possible. Therefore, to help make a decision of what make and model is needed. Then going online to buy or order without seeing or visiting the dealer’s premises. Following what is displayed or advertised and reaching a deal that means no more trailing around dealers? When a customer buys a motorhome or a campervan, the deal/contract is formed at a distance. i.e. not on the dealer’s premises. Over the phone or away from the dealer’s premises. A contract is formed via the consumer making an offer to buy at a particular price. The retailer/dealer has accepted the offer, and payment (full or part) has been made by the customer.

What do motorhomes campervans do online?

Helping advertisers find ways to sell motorhomes, and campervans online. Several issues keep cropping up which is not surprising. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not FCA registered. We help buyers find sellers and advertise motorhomes and campervans for sale. Many customers now know what they want to buy and have begun to get used to researching and consequently buying online.

With that knock at the door from the white van man, home deliveries have become second nature. So, why not leisure vehicles? It is now hugely popular to buy a car online now so why not your Motorhome too? Some dealers maintain that it is a touchy-feely thing for the customer, who may have all sorts of offers to consider, but these can easily be provided online too. Some purchases come under consumer legislation and customers have rights in law. However, is this stopping dealers from providing those special benefits such as:

  • Online research and help function
  • Sales orders and deals agreed-upon online
  • Home deliveries anywhere in the UK
  • Full handover videos that are available 24/7
  • Part exchange prices provided in advance
  • Motorhome finance agreed with the FCA broker
  • Motorhome insurance with an FCA broker
  • Motorhome warranty guarantees to fit all requirements
  • 14-day money-back guarantees
  • Habitation breakdown cover

Warranty habitation white goods?

You are on holiday and enjoying your motorhome and dinner is about to be put on the hob. Hey presto, it doesn’t work, what now? On this occasion, you are in a motorhome with a Warranty Guarantee that covers 364-day assistance. So you are a call away from getting it fixed, no taking it back to the supplying dealer, and no driving miles to a dealer? An AWS-approved technician calls you back to see if a fault-finding mission will do if not they will come to you at home or on-site! Now that’s what we call a guarantee!

Distance Selling Motorhomes Campervans Online

What protects customers from buying using distance selling?

Things have moved on a bit since the day of “buyer beware caveat emptor”.Under the consumer contracts (information, cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2013, customers have 14 days after the date of delivery, to give the leisure vehicle back to the seller. The customer has the right to a full refund, without having to disclose why they are handing the vehicle back. Money-back guarantees from sellers could be shorter or longer than 14 days. Customers are entitled by law, over and above consumer rights. For full details on all aspects of distance, selling checks out the motor ombudsman. It is worth noting just why anyone would hand back a leisure vehicle. There are a few reasons to consider;

  1. Too big and won’t fit in the garage
  2. Too small no room for the dog
  3. Not the right layout or enough beds to go round
  4. Just don’t think we can afford it
  5. The storage insurance and running cost are higher than anticipated
  6. It keeps breaking down
  7. The warranty does not cover certain parts
  8. If it breaks down we have to take it back to the supplying dealer
  9. The salesperson said we could bring it back if we did not like it
  10. It has leaked from picking it up water ingress bad

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