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There is no doubt that the Elddis motorhome group have been going on a journey. That has now gathered even more momentum, due to be in taking over in 2017 by the Erwin Hymer motorhome group. Elddis has been an established motorhome and caravan manufacturer for some time. The Elddis heritage stretches back to 1964. In fact, they were really part of the swinging sixties when caravans were in great demand. Today the Elddis motorhome group takes in a number of recognised brand names, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer touring caravans are popular names associated with Elddis. Having entered the attractive motorhomes marketplace, they are still in Consett, County Durham today.

Motorhomes certainly often evolve from selling caravans. Elddis motorhome group is no exception, as caravan ideas have helped to contribute to the motorhome designs. With 3 models to consider, The Elddis Autoquest, Elddis Accordo and Elddis Encore. All following on from popular models like the Elddis Aspire range of motorhome. The development of using a bonded way of building motorhomes has made a huge difference. The SoLiD Construction has been developed, on all fronts of manufacturing motorhomes. This has become a very tried and tested construction method for over 8 years now.

Elddis Motorhome Group Autoquest

The British-built motorhome market would not be complete, without the Elddis Autoquest. Today the Elddis Autoquest remains one of the best-selling motorhomes ranges to grace its presence in the UK. The Elddis Autoquest has really progressed over a very short period of time. That is for a motorhome to begin from scratch and become an award-winning formula. The Elddis Autoquest has also become a driving force when it comes down to offering value-for-money, The Autoquest models are built on a streamlined low-line chassis, using the trusted partner in Peugeot with the Euro 6 engine. The power of the Elddis Autoquest, also, comes from being a 2-berth through to a 6-berth model for customers to select from.

Elddis Motorhome Group Accordo

Another Elddis model that stands out is the very exceptional Elddis Accordo. This has set standards of specification and offers all the award-winning attributes. The Elddis Accordo has been designed to be a compact range. Those benefits of being a very compact, coach built motorhome. But, setting extremely good standards without restrictions or compromises. The real key to the Elddis Accord is like all Elddis motorhomes they are at an affordable price. To brighten up your day the new Accordo range comes with Azure Blue sides and this is a very sporty styling. Again Elddis have chosen from 4 compact Elddis Accordo models all outstanding in designs and layouts.

Elddis Motorhome Group Encore

A true reflection of endeavour to get the details right, So, the Elddis Encore range offers an all-inclusive package. This has been a clever marketing ploy and very refreshing to see. No hidden extras. This could be described as a very sophisticated motorhome style. Being built by a leading craftsman that has provided an excellent motorhome range in the Elddis Encore. Not surprisingly they are like all Elddis motorhomes at an affordable price. The low-line chassis makes good use of the extra-wide rear track. That also contributes to the Elddis motorhome group, ensuring that the Encore delivers good road handling. The attractive outside appearance is completed by using the champagne sides. This really does add to Encore’s appeal. Choose from 4 luxurious Elddis Encore models all with excellent layouts.

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Elddis motorhome group

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