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Engineer aftercare caravan camper motorhome warranty. Engineer Aftercare Ltd understood that the touring sector in the UK was growing. ‘Staycation’ becoming a big part of the motorhome, campervan and caravan buying patterns. Engineer Aftercare caravan camper & motorhome warranty has been born to provide peace of mind with a quality breakdown and warranty product, to provide that peace of mind owners want when investing in a leisure vehicle. ‘Peace of mind’ comes from warranty claims only using approved workshops. This scheme is approved for workshops UK-wide.

Finding The Right Warranty Guarantee

The buying of any leisure warranty is all about comparing cover and cost. That is where the Engineer Aftercare caravan, camper & motorhome Warranty comes in. Providing buyers and sellers with confidence if a component fails, there is a guarantee in place. Engineer aftercare caravan, camper, and motorhome warranty is a fast-growing warranty company in the UK, providing reassuring services to leisure vehicle businesses and owners for vehicles under 12 years (144 months). Their view on ‘Customer Service’ is the backbone to what they do, building trust in any ‘Guarantee’ service provided that is the aim of Engineer Aftercare Warranty as a relatively new company to the sector.

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Certainly! Let’s delve into the world of motorhome warranties and explore what they entail.

  1. Motorhome Warranties and Guarantees:
    • When you purchase a new coach built motorhome, the warranty typically consists of three distinct parts provided by at least two companies:
      • Base Vehicle Warranty: Covers the base vehicle (usually provided by the vehicle manufacturer).
      • Conversion Warranty: This covers the conversion work done by the motorhome manufacturer.
      • Body Integrity Warranty: This part kicks in after the cover for the conversion has expired and ensures the integrity of the motorhome’s body.
    • For pre-owned motorhomes, dealers may offer a warranty that covers both the base vehicle and the conversion.
    • To ensure a successful warranty claim, it’s crucial to adhere to all terms and conditions (Ts&Cs), including regular servicing and inspections. Users must also exercise their duty of care.
    • Remember that any warranty offered should be in addition to your legal rights.
  2. Common Limitations:
    • Some warranties have limitations on usage. For instance:
      • Spending more than a certain number of consecutive days abroad may affect your warranty.
      • Swift and Auto-Sleepers, for example, allow up to 90 consecutive days abroad before affecting the warranty.
      • However, other manufacturers may have different limits.
    • Overwintering in Spain or Portugal could potentially fall foul of converters’ Ts&Cs for body-integrity warranties.
  3. Auto-Sleepers Warranty:
    • Auto-Sleepers, known for their quality, provide the following warranty coverage:
      • Conversion Work: Covered by their own three-year warranty scheme.
      • Water Ingress: An additional three-year warranty specifically for water ingress.
      • No mileage restrictions; protects all aspects of the conversion.
  4. Service and Repairs:
    • Auto-sleepers also offer services such as annual habitation checks, winterization, accessories, modifications, and motorhome repairs.
    • Their experienced technicians ensure your motorhome stays in top condition.

Remember, understanding your motorhome warranty is essential to enjoy worry-free travel. Safe journeys!

Warranty guarantee online information

Being high-cost items, leisure vehicle buyers were looking for certainty in supporting breakdowns and fixing faults under a form of guarantee. The use of quality partners to provide that certainty has been key to their success. No doubt, more exciting times are ahead for motorhome holidays and staycations in the UK. Launched in 2019, Engineer Aftercare Warranty has found that customers like the services provided. As do their official partners building up trust that continues with more leisure vehicle owners buying their products.

What is an “Engineer aftercare warranty guarantee”?

If Engineer Aftercare can do something, they make sure that they can. That is why they chose to provide a ‘Warranty Guarantee’ as opposed to an Insurance Policy. No Insurance underwriter or insurance assessor to assess your claim request and speed is all. Autoguard takes the claims to discuss issues with the customer where they may request an AWS engineer to confirm what is wrong. Also, what it will cost to replace or repair the failed component? Once approved, the engineer can proceed and can even include up to a £65 call-out fee in the claim.

Finding the right motorhome guarantee

No matter what make of motorhome or campervan is involved, a Warranty guarantee can be purchased for any professionally built vehicle from £279, to take over from a manufacturer, dealer warranty or vehicle purchased privately. Popular brands such as Swift, Bessacarr, Auto-Trail, Auto-Sleeper and more, with manufacturers including Ford, VW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, and Citroen plus Halfords Commercial workshops can all be accessed under the Warranty guarantee. Camper and Motorhome cover includes engine, cab, gearbox, drive-train, electrical and braking systems plus habitation areas, appliances and more.

Finding the right caravan guarantee

Engineer aftercare caravan camper motorhome warranty

Engineer aftercare retail prices for owners

Currently, the warranty starts at just £199 for Caravans, £279 for Campers and Motorhomes under 12 years old (144 months) with 7 years (84 months water ingress cover): These guarantees are there to replace a dealer or manufacturer warranty when it expires, or to buy for owners buying privately, to provide that peace of mind cover.

You don’t have to buy a warranty to replace a manufacturer or dealer one too! If you have purchased your caravan, camper or motorhome privately, you can still arrange cover provided the vehicle has been habitation checked in the last year and been serviced to manufacturer requirements in the last 2 years or 20,000 miles. Rest assured your documents will arrive the same or the next day after 4 pm Engineer Aftercare, goes out of their way to help if you have a query. You may be going away and need your documents that is why they must be delivered in a timely manner

Guarantee engineer aftercare

There are very few mechanical parts on a caravan. However, there are an array of appliances and equipment in the habitation area. Having that guarantee at the end of a manufacturer or dealer provides real peace of mind. Expensive white goods, like fridges, freezers, hobs, grills, gas, heating and water systems can go wrong. Water ingress cover should always be part of the habitation cover.

Engineer aftercare providing aftercare services

Engineer Aftercare and their provider Autoguard look after their customers and customers/members of other businesses and clubs. So becoming a member of a club provides all sorts of added benefits. Such as a discount for a warranty purchased directly from Engineer Aftercare. Caravan, Camper and motorhome warranty as a club benefit. The products offered are what they say, and nothing hidden in descriptions or wordings may be misleading.

The caravan, camper and Motorhome warranties are some of the most competitively priced available. The facts are all customers have to do is make a quick phone call to find out more or to buy, or owners can buy online, and when making a claim, there are friendly staff available to provide the service. And, they only use AWS-approved workshop cover just as the manufacturer did.

Guarantee engineer aftercare claims

Engineer Aftercare warranty claims are managed by Autoguard from their modern call centre in Guildford, the claim repairs are handled by an AWS workshop, at home, on-site or in a workshop. Dealerships are welcome to work with Engineer Aftercare where an NCC/AWS member or other quality business. A dealership, and a workshop information pack are available, just register your business details or give Martyn Raybould MD a call to find out more.

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They may well be iconic, but even VW campervans sometimes need extended cover as they too have both mechanical failures to consider as well as habitation area issues. From appliances to engines, gearboxes and even diesel heating, ovens and hobs all fail sometimes. With the ever-popular professional van conversions becoming popular, this again is a perfect way to protect your investment and family holidays. *NOTE: Engineer Aftercare Warranty are unable to provide cover for privately built campers.

Engineer aftercare caravan camper motorhome warranty

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