Enhanced habitation warranty guarantee dealers online

The motorhome warranty market has been changing, and the emergence of the enhanced habitation warranty guarantee dealer online cover is being well received by dealers and customers alike. This unique enhanced habitation warranty is exclusively available to dealers and partners selling the “engineer aftercare warranty”. The “enhanced habitation warranty” is an exciting new cover for the habitation section of a leisure vehicle, including heating lighting and  “white goods” like hobs, ovens, boilers, showers etc. However, there are some real benefits to the supplying dealers in how claims and repairs are carried out and can be improved by buying an enhanced habitation warranty.

Enhanced habitation warranty, what does it provide?

The enhanced habitation warranty cover provides a dealer with enhanced habitation warranty support services that mirror that of the chassis-cab manufacturer, including all mechanical and electrical components and most appliances. For instance, a new motorhome will have the manufacturer/dealer group workshop cover for any problems with component failures to the engine, gearbox or other such mechanical items. Knowledgeable experienced warranty industry people have designed enhanced habitation warranties to provide;

  • Cover the customer’s habitation components no matter where they may be located
  • No need to take the leisure vehicle back to the supplying dealer for warranty repairs
  • Don’t worry about making a claim fully approved workshop scheme support is to hand
  • Complete peace of mind with diagnosis help to find the fault fast

Enhance habitation warranty cover for dealer customers to benefit from

Engineer aftercare is an up-and-coming motorhome warranty company based in the UK. They provide a range of warranty products that customers can buy from an approved motorhome, campervan dealer or partner working with them. They have a unique “enhanced habitation warranty” designed for dealers to provide their customers with a cover that has features to help a customer get cover anywhere in the UK on their habitation appliances. Fill in the form below now for help

It really is as quick as they say here is what some dealers think;

“Martyn and the team know their stuff” They advertise with us and help us with FAQs on all sorts of leisure vehicle topics. We promote them on motorhomes and campervans and read all the info from dealers and customers about them they say you are only as good as “your claims handling” and there are positive responses shown here.

John Buxton. Owner motorhomes campervans

Geoff Cox motorhomes have worked with Engineer Aftercare Warranty for a while now and found its new vehicle “enhanced habitation warranty” is a great product for customers who travel widely.

Gavin Cox MD Geoff Cox Motorhomes

Buying nationwide we come across warranty issues, that engineer aftercare has the ability to resolve we offer Engineer aftercare warranties to anyone buying a motorhome, especially the enhanced habitation warranty is a popular choice.

Shane Malpass MD we buy any motorcaravan 

Since working with Engineer Aftercare we have confidence that we are providing our customers with the reassurance they need should any issues occur. A pleasure to work with.

Julie Hyde Camper UK Lincoln

The benefits to a supplying dealer providing enhanced habitation warranty

Historically many dealers will only carry out warranty claims and repairs in their own workshops. From a customer aftercare point of view, this is where “enhanced habitation warranty” comes into play. The scenario is simple, for example,  your customer may live miles from you the supplying dealer, or even worse they have gone on holiday and the heating has stopped working, the customer will not want to drive back to the dealership to get it fixed, this could be costly and could ruin their holiday. Telling the customer that they have to bring it back is bound not to go down well any aftercare goodwill has at this point just gone out of the window. However, there is a real solution that is available to any approved dealer “enhanced habitation warranty”.

The dealer’s solution is to provide an enhanced habitation warranty

The customer can go to any of the AWS-approved workshops to diagnose and estimate any problem, then one call from the customer to the claims line who can pre-authorize a repair at the time. They will pay the nearest AWS-recognised enhanced habitation warranty workshop to carry out the claim and repair. That can be via a mobile repair if more convenient to the customer. So, the dealer has supported the customer with a dedicated claim and repair and no need to return the vehicle to the supplying dealer.

  • Up to £65 diagnostics included in any enhanced habitation warranty claim
  • This provides a quick response to carry out the diagnostic/estimate
  • There is no excess for the customer to pay
  • The selling dealer workshop no longer needs to find an available engineer in the location of the customer
  • The alternative solution puts the customer first and helps quickly to hand
  • The customer has a rapid repair and continues with their holiday

The customer gets that dedicated support

In these days of dedicated after-sales services, engineer aftercare has set out to support both the customer and the supplying dealer. Motorhomes are valuable high-priced products, a dedicated support and aftercare services are essential. Customers need to be looked after every step of the way, services the dealer provides add real-time value as well as peace of mind in the event of a claim. The “enhanced habitation warranty” cover provides benefits and options;

  • Access to 560 AWS-approved work-shops fixed and mobile repairs
  • Enhanced habitation warranty can be included in a sale or as a USP benefit from the dealer
  • Bespoke branding provides your business with a cover booklet for promotions
  • No need for a vehicle to return to a supplying dealer for a claim
  • Dealers no longer need to send engineers all over the country
  • Rapid on-site repairs are accessible to keep a customer happy
  • Claims can quickly be dealt with to support the customer
  • Fixed and mobile cover for the customer
  • Travel in Europe is included
  • Covers faults in the first 1-3 years

How much does an enhanced habitation warranty cost?

The enhanced habitation warranty has been fixed in line with other motorhome warranties and can be purchased from any approved supplying dealer registered with Engineer aftercare. The add-on value is what the enhanced habitation warranty has set out to do and starts from 12 months’ cover. The cover is up to £1,000 per claim and most important is that the customer has no excess to pay out.

Buy enhance habitation warranty from an Engineer aftercare dealer

  • Engineer aftercare offers dealers this unique cover
  • Provides up to £1,000 per claim with unlimited claims
  • The customer has no excess to pay

Are there any exclusions to the cover being provided?

Only normal things are excluded like the soft furnishing and cupboards and any self-build extras are not covered. Please note that self-builds are not covered on any of the Engineer aftercare products.

  • Excludes soft furnishings and cupboard doors etc
  • Enhanced habitation warranty is exclusive to Engineer Aftercare Ltd
  • Access to engineer aftercare is available at any time

Unique benefits of enhanced habitation warranty

The unique benefits of the enhanced habitation warranty really come into their own and we point out that Engineer Aftercare handles the whole process from start to finish especially getting the documents turned around within 48 hours. Setting up that bespoke dealer package is also included

  • Engineer Aftercare calls every customer to welcome them
  • Outline their new vehicle warranty aftercare cover
  • Send documents the same or the next day guaranteed
  • Provide cover booklet exclusively to dealers’ business
  • Displaying your logo, vehicle brands and imagery
  • A dedicated customer liaison to your business
  • AWS-approved workshop mobile cover UK wide
  • Customers or dealer staff can speak to someone 6, days a week

Engineer aftercare  warranty upsell products

The engineer aftercare team are always looking to enhance their products and allow dealers to upsell certain products. Call a member of The Engineer aftercare team for more details. Below are some product details that can be upsold;

  • EGR Exhaust gas recirculation
  • DPF diesel particulate filter
  • Roadside assistance

Becoming an Engineer Aftercare dealer partner

If you are a dealer and want to provide your customers with seamless services simply fill in the form below and let us know how to help you. The Engineer aftercare staff will call you and go over any details you may want to know and then get your business online quickly. Making you familiar with our processes is easy to do and we can have you fully ready to add a warranty in just 24 hours. If you would like to know even more, please call Martyn Raybould MD on 01243 264056  or 07927 212401

At your service and happy to help

Martyn Raybould

Managing Director Engineer Aftercare Ltd. Sponsor to AWS ‘Workshop of the Year’ and official partner to CaSSOA