Essential Motorhome Accessories

Now let us cut straight to the chase, what are essential motorhome accessories? There are very few motorhome accessories that make the word essential seem an apt description. However, a first aid kit is as essential as it gets. Some even say you should consider carrying a defibrillator onboard as well. Whilst that may seem excessive you would not say that stuck in traffic and having a heart attack. So, we have really defined what essential motorhome accessories really mean in one paragraph!

Essential Motorhome Accessories Life Savers

There is always going to be the you feeling, you want to make your motorhome a real “home from home”! So, having that premium pack option, may mean more than sparkly alloy wheels, and electric everything, in the cab! Many motorhome owners, especially, the motorhome glamping set, crave the luxurious life and will simply no hack just “making do”. Here, we will outline some of those essential motorhome accessories that are popular. Now we appreciate that not everyone will have the same view about what are essential. However, lets just stick to which are the most important!

Motorhome Awnings

There are two types of motorhome awnings that are fitted to the motorhome. One a fixed side awning and two the stand alone awning. Both, will make a huge difference to your sense of the amount of space being created. That provides a lounge area and a eating environment. In addition, this area and space may even be safe to barbeque under. Safety first though, we do not want those sizzling bangers setting fire to things do we?

Now shall we dare to mention, that awnings provide shelter,when that rain is coming down! Of course it works both ways and will keep you in the shade, away from that hot sun. So, either way, that awning provides making sure, that an otherwise perfect day, may be enjoyed come rain or shine!

Stand Alone Awnings

You will discover on your travels that awnings come in all shapes and sizes. Not to mention the stand alone ones, that have many different colors to consider. So, why buy a stand alone awning? Well they are ideal on a campsite, to just leave on your pitch and go for a ride round. Knowing your pitch is secure on the campsite on your return.

Stand alones are very simple and modestly priced affairs. Whilst the more detailed attached to a motorhome, that are power-driven can be expensive. A good thing to mention at this point is to make sure though that your motorhome insurance covers awnings.

First Aid Kit Advice

Making sure that you do have a good,  first aid kit “essential equipment”. As they say accidents do happen! Be it just a little accident, then to get that plaster on quickly is a god send. Children fall of bikes, parents fall over from drinking, that falling over water! Things happen quickly at the best of times. So, again that boy scout is shouting “be prepared”.

First Aid Kits Video

There is no doubt, that with a decent first aid kit, help is to hand. Even if you, do not know how to use it, hopefully someone will. That first aid course on the Internet may still hold value! Make sure things in the first aid kit are not out of date. Things like disinfectant, plasters and bandages all need checking from time to time (etc.) Be sure that your first aid kit is within its use-by date. This may be the difference between life and death!

Motorhome Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi extenders are now a number one on the essential motorhome accessories list. Yes, we all like to tell ourselves, that we do not have a signal! Yes, we are on holiday, missing an episode of your favourite soap, it is not the end of the world or is it?

Talk about turn off all touch technology while we’re out and about. Then, watching in horror the Germans next to you, are watching the world cup penalty shoot out, in color! Yes, we may have set out, with the very best intentions, to leave the internet and TV behind. Remember, you were going to spend some time reading books. Keeping fit by going hiking and engaging in healthy pursuits!

No, that is not the case, let us take a look at that full media kit. At least the we will see those penalties hitting the back of the net! Wi-Fi extenders attached to media pack, make the difference between technology succeeding and failing to cope. Today’s technology provides virtually everything. In addition, costs are quite modest. In fact, these wi fi motorhome accessories, can do everything, except save penalties!

Satellite TV Media Packs

Satellite TV has to be well researched. Because, you may well have a manual dish to point in the right direction. Many of the latest Satellite dishes just tune themselves in! Sheer magic, no more standing with that ariel on the roof! Now days it is not rocket science to get a good single!  What is more is that the dishes are no longer the size of Jodrell bank! With the coming of media packs, the whole world goes with you!

Today the important thing is that most Satellite TV systems are small, lightweight and easy to align. Some even fit into a suitcase! Like computers, if the signal is good and the broadband fast enough then TV viewing is just FAB. We, set out with the best of intentions.

Many think we don’t need TV on a motorhome holiday. However, when you have washed the pots, cleaned the table and had the last drop of wine, what next?  There is no doubt that from experience that TV and nodding off in front of it, might dictate otherwise!

Grip Mats & Leval Blocks

Now pay attention, grip mats and blocks to level the motorhome on poor surfaces, are well worth having. The fact that the motorhome is not level means all sorts of issues. Try laying the table when everything slides off! Now on grip mats, these come in handy, if you have parked on the grass! Being stuck is embarrassing!  So, whilst they will not get you out of thick mud, they will get you moving off slippery grass surfaces.

Alarms & Security

There are lots of way to protect your motorhome. And all are needed as motorhomes are stolen and that sadly is a fact. Prevention is on hand  and from a tracking point of view there are loads of tracking devices. Tracker being the name of one that is very good. However, there are many ways, just as good like clutch and brake pedal locks. Fitted properly fitted, these really do work, as there is no way to drive off with them fitted.

So, a tracker with an alarm, is going to also help, you need that visual deterrent and that hidden one as well. Many motorhomes have a safe and depending on where it is, again this is something the thief will know doubt know where it is located. So, having two may well be useful for documents and some emergency cash.

Going Abroad Kits

Now going abroad kits, can be very good to do two things. Make sure your legal and have the essential motorhome accessories, that make you compliant. Also, keep you safe if stationary or have any form of accident or breakdown. Usually, they will have two high vis jackets, a warning triangle and a breathalyser kit for France. Worth considering, a couple of extra high vis jackets and children ones as well!

Plugin Points

Check your outside plugin points and obtain the best attachments to use with them. From electric hook ups always carry a spare, and get the right attachments to help fill up the water. As with any barbeque points, make sure you know, how they work and switch off!

Essential motorhome accessories

Bike Racks & Tow Bars

Well first of all a bike rack, is a great part of essential motorhome accessories being practical. You, need to pop to the local shop or pub,  ideal to cycle there. Coming back may be tricky depending on how much falling down water has been consumed. But, convenience is the order of the day here. Also, keeping you fit at the same time.

Now why do tow bars go hand in hand with bike racks? Because, the really good ones, fit on the tow bar and carry four bikes! Also, that tow bar can tow a small car and also, pull a trailer or a moped on a rack.

Barbeques BBQ

Now, let us examine, to many the all important Barbeque (BBQ). It has to be an outdoor thing, so much so that many European motorhomes have small kitchens. However, with a large garage space, for the essential motorhome accessories in their eyes, the Barbeque! Many UK motorhomes have fantastic cooking facilities, this has evolved over time. Mainly because of the UK weather and needing to cook the Sunday roast in an oven!

Many believe that there is no substitute for cooking outdoors. So, when it comes down to all the Barbeque essentials, there are loads of essential motorhome accessories for the cook. Not forgetting Dads apron, the tongs, and sharp knife and the folk for getting those bangers turned over.

Either gas or conventionally fuelled, with that burning charcoal they’re great fun. The one thing to have with your outside, is a fire extinguisher or and a fire blanket. As those boy scouts say “be prepared”.


Being in the dark is always going to be something to overcome. Especially, when wild camping off the beaten track. Now before you go and light those candles and fire. Dangerous when out in the woodlands and dry weather, Consider what essential motorhome accessories, will help light up inside and outside of the motorhome. Conventional LED lighting inside has now become standard on many new motorhomes. A powerful torch. is also well worth having with you

However have you considered lanterns?  In fact, some are more than just about an emergency torch. Basically, this is all about lighting the outside of your motorhome. Good lanterns do come in all shapes and sizes. Many will run on solar energy captured during the day. Placing them at even intervals outside your motorhome, this provides both light and ambience in the evenings.

Viewing Night Skys

Something well worth considering is a telescope and a pair of binoculars. You would be amazed at what you can see. Whilst, using a telescope to study the night sky is a starter for ten. This could be the hobby, that provides something to do, when the electric has failed.

Who, forgot to charge the leisure battery then? So, there you are out in the countryside in your motorhome. In pitch black conditions the stars may be shining. A good pair of binoculars are always going to come in handy. Looking at the coastline or just figuring out where you are!

Additional Furniture

There are many things furniture wise, that you may want to add, to that essential motorhome accessories list. The fold up chairs and tables and any furniture that folds away. There is always the case for being comfortable! Yes, sitting on the grass on a blanket leaves a lot to be desired. Certainly as age sets in this outdoor life loses it’s attraction. Nothing worse that sitting down in an old rickety deckchair. No doubt some have been in the family a long time.

Many deserve to be a feature on the antiques roadshow! Grandads favourite rocking chair, just takes up to much space! Now take a look at what is practical, as well as stylish. Out there a vast choice of fold-up, comfortable chairs and tables. Somewhat surprising, many motorhome dealers, stock items of good fold away stuff. Online, the selection is vast, you may be amazed how cheap some items are. Your comfort when sitting outside your motorhome, is all part of the adventure!

Hook Up & Hoses

Some times, the simple things get left behind. Common sense should prevail, but, often that is not the case. How many times have you set off leaving that hook up lead behind? No electric hook up, can be very restrictive. Better make sure those leisure batteries are charged!

Life without a hose pipe can be very frustrating. Question, have you tried filling your fresh water tank without one? Also, having the right hose adapters are very useful. Especially, when filling up empty tanks.

Pots & Pans

Melamine pots, unbreakable cups, glasses and dishes are the order of the day. Whilst some motorhomes have wine glasses, this is just cosmetic. Most people prefer non breakable items. When it comes down to pans, you need the ones that fit the size of the hobs.

Therefore, as with oven pans they need to be the right size. No point having small or too large ones, that do not fit. Other essential motorhome accessories, on the cooking front, are a michelin star chef, dream on!

Tool Kits

A good tool kit is essential, now we do not need a full socket set and loads of hammers. Just make sure you have an adjustable spanner, if you are using gas bottles. Because, gas bottles need to be a tight fit on connection!

Fire Prevention

Now, definitely, have on board with easy access, a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher. Make sure your fire extinguisher is in date and been checked!  Also, have a smoke detector and a co2 (carbon monoxide) alarm. Something many people forget, is changing the batteries! Carry spare batteries with you as well!

Motorhome Maintenance

Now it makes sense to check things over like bulbs and fuses. Take a selection of both that you may need, most motorhome dealers will stock the right ones in kit format. Now the other thing on maintenance, not to overlook is a puncture repair kit.

Many motorhomes do not have a spare wheel! Some rely on a run flat tyres. Others a wing and a prayer!  So, take one of the puncture green slime fillers, they are priceless when tackling a flat tyre.

Any form of portable airline, that works, has to also be a good idea. Motorhomes are heavy so, do not even consider changing a wheel. Having some form of breakdown insurance and or a motorhome warranty cover in place, are essential as well!

Solar Panels 

Well is there such a thing as a free lunch? With Solar Panels fitted to your motorhome, we believe there is! You have to pay for the starter, i.e the initial installation and cost of the panels. However, eventually when you have the main course and its going down, there is a small charge.

Then and here is the exciting bit, that sun keeps shining and the whole sweet course is free. Fitting solar panels, has to be a no brainer, for anyone owning a motorhome.

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