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Etrusco Motorhomes Group Erwin Hymer Companies Italy. Now the Etrusco motorhome group has become a little unique. Because it is not every day a new motorhome brand is launched. Etrusco motorhome group has been launched in the UK market by the Erwin Hymer Group. This is rapid growth as the Etrusco brand has only been in existence for three years! However, some people will have seen them on their European travels. Having been sold in southern Europe and France. This was also before being rolled out into Belgium and Germany. The Etrusco motorhome group motorhomes are built at the Erwin Hymer Laika factory in Tuscany, Italy.

There Etrusco motorhome group has an impressive 10 models in it’s range. There are 7 low-profiles and 3 A-classes. The right-hand-drive models will be sold in the UK for obvious reasons. However, it is worth noting, that Etrusco motorhome group, UK models will have much higher standard specifications. Somewhat different, to the models on offer in Europe.

Etrusco Motorhome Group Models

The smallest in the Etrusco motorhome group will be only 5.95m-long which is the T5900 DB. The T5900 FB, French bed.  The low-profiles see two 6.96m-long models the T 6900 DB and T 6900 QB. Three below 7.5m models, T 7300 SB, T 7400 QB and T 7400 SB.  Three A-class models include an all-new I 6900 QB and the 7.41m-long I 7400 QB and I 7400 SB.

Etrusco Motorhome Group Low Profile

The Etrusco motorhome group low-profile models provide everything and a little more. In fact, it is all part of making you feel at home. The balance of design and functionality of the low profiles is exceptional. The standard of the interior equipment, the excellent quality and most important fact that the low profile are unbeatable value for money.

Etrusco Motorhome Group A Class

A Class models are the Etrusco motorhome group combining both modern design with functionality. This is all about travelling in what could be described as residential comfort. The Etrusco motorhome group A Class, has fantastic panoramic views through the front window. This has always been an A Class feature creating that feel-good mood. The trees, coastline, just all pass by and the Etrusco motorhome group A Class, provides that holiday feeling. Yes, from start to finish of your journey, you are in a style and comfort only an Italian motorhome can provide.

Contact Etrusco Motorhome Group

ETRUSCO GMBH Bahnhof 11, 88299 Leutkich, Germany. Telephone. + 49 (0) 7561 9097-450

Etrusco Motorhome Group Part Of Erwin Hymer Motorhome Group

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