EU referendum had many hidden disasters private public agendas

EU referendum had many hidden disasters and private and public agendas. We have updated our Brexit article and the EU referendum had many hidden disasters on private and public agendas whilst there is never a point in going back when you look at what is happening and the many disasters that have had such a negative effect on so many jobs that have been lost and the shortage of skilled workers go on. Many dealers are feeling the pinch of high residual values and a shortage of new and used motorhomes “we hear of many negative things happening” and not a lot to be done about them. Looking back many refuse to recognise the damage that Brexit has done yes, we had a pandemic, and yes, the Russian war goes on facts remain and so much has changed technology moving faster than anyone anticipated. The UK financial market is being tested by a poor UK government. Read a dealer’s point of view on the Derby motorhomes website.

Here is what Google Bard Thinks

As a UK citizen, you will still need a valid passport to travel to Europe after Brexit. You must also ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date you plan to leave Europe.

  • If you are staying for 90 days or less in 180 days, you will not need a visa. However, if you are staying for longer than 90 days, you will need to apply for a visa from the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to stay in.
  • You may also need other travel documents depending on your reason for travel. For example, if you are travelling for business, you may need to provide documentation of your business affairs. If you are travelling for medical reasons, you may need to provide documentation of your medical condition.
  • It is always best to check the latest travel advice for the country you plan to visit. You can do this on the website of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when travelling to Europe after Brexit:

  • You can no longer use your UK passport to enter Ireland. You will need to apply for an Irish visa if you plan to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days.
  • You will no longer be able to use your EHIC to access healthcare in Europe. You will need to purchase travel insurance that includes healthcare coverage.
  • You may need to apply for a driving permit if you plan to drive in Europe.

EU referendum had many hidden disasters and private and public agendas 2016!

My concern at that time was that Brexit would cause disruption in supply chains and affect motorhome holidays and supply. As well cause issues with motorhome insurance especially travel insurance. Passport implications and visa issues would cause all sorts of problems. So many motorhomes brought from European manufacturers this has a knock-on effect on the supply of motorhomes and components. I felt the Brexit vote had never been thought over in detail there are and remain too many unknowns and assumptions that were not correct.

Brexit the damage done will take years to mend

Many motorhome and campervan owners have shown real reluctance in travelling in Europe “too much paperwork” the natives are no longer friendly and we want to go on a staycation but can not find a campsite that has pitches available. So, should we take on board what the new first minister of Scotland is supporting in another referendum? If you look back to January 2017 both Hymer and Trigano thought they had the model right buying Auto-Sleeper and Elddis and Thor diving in for all off Hymer. Hindsight is a great thing but the question is “what damage has been done”? How many jobs have gone and many will never return?

The French will continue to fish with or without a EU referendum 

Did they really think that the French would stop fishing in UK waters? I also felt that some people had been telling porkies and the older generation had this vision that the whole population of Europe was about to move in next door. The red bus telling us the savings to your NHS was not correct and the picture of the Syrian refugees made no sense to Brexit it was scaremongering at its best. There are many reasons we don’t have enough workers like lorry drivers, police, and NHS workers, that’s why the leave voters voted for jobs for UK people well guess what? Many don’t want these jobs and this was another Brexit tactic. Just think how much income tax has been lost? You can blame it on Covide and Ukraine troubles or can you? Has Brexit been swept under the carpet?

What have we learned since June 25th 2016?

The EU referendum has seen a lot of European workers go home which has left us with a huge shortage of labour in just about every industry that has its problems. They try to blame it on Covide all that damage was done and when we now see businesses not only short of people but having little to no stock to sell the shortage of used motorhomes is just the tip of the iceberg the lack of components to build new motorhomes making for higher new prices and longer lead times. So, residual values rise beyond belief. Our clients “we buy any motorcaravan” have proved the point they buy nationwide and the increases in prices are many thousands, not just a few hundred.

What is the road ahead for leisure vehicles?

I set out then to consider what the leisure industry faced at the time and how motorhomes campervans could develop. This was my view at the time I thought businesses would have problems and as they say, the rest was history. No one could have foreseen what was coming down the road to imagine the effects of Covide and the devastation of Ukraine and its impact on all sorts of things see (help Ukraine). There is no doubt these tragic events have certainly taken away the effects of the referendum the word Brexit has been well and truly swept under the carpet. As we now face shortages, job losses, spiralling inflation, huge personal debts and hardships if we could use the hindsight spectacles instead of those rose-coloured ones and just look at the costs of Brexit. No one has yet to tell me the true costs of Brexit.

There is a long and winding road ahead

I found it quite strange that many of the things I pointed out have not 6 years on changed. Many who can get out of the UK, in my opinion, will do just that however where do you go? Scotland? Let us just reflect on when many of the so-called immigrants leave as well! We know we have all that money to come from the EU when we are out.

  • However, that may be years away!
  • We have an unsustainable financial model
  • An ageing population who is going to care for them?
  • Who is going to pay for the NHS?
  • Fix the potholes in the UK roads?
  • Paying for the new high-speed railways?
  • We still have really high personal levels of debt
  • What jobs are going to be established?

I believe this EU referendum had many hidden agendas!

Well, I want to point out some things that many will not own up to!

  • What happened to those who did not vote?
  • Was there a driving force behind not voting?
  • I believe many just could not see the value of a vote to remain or to leave
  • Many had realized that either way Brexit would cause damage!
  • Abstaining was an alternative to not being part of this farce!
  • You will all see the consequences that will come with it!

What is behind the vote of the older generation?

To just vote because “things ain’t what they used to be”

  • Young people are the losers here
  • Not very helpful to a younger generation who are finding work hard to find.
  • Everyone who said they were voting to get their grandchildren a better deal will think again!
  • Take look at yourself in the mirror yes we are going grey all we have is the good memories of our earlier life.

That North-South divide has been turned on its head

I say to those voting leave you have just robbed a generation of young people of a chance at a future! Prove me wrong! I do hope that you can!

  • Many voted to leave out of a bizarre thought that you would show those bankers and politicians in London
  • You also had this fixation on putting the Great back into Britain!
  • Well, you will have achieved that by placing Britain into a Great new mess!
  • This is not about the EU this has been a vote out of ignorance and anger!

The route cause

Nigel Farage has stated and told us about the autocrats of Brussels. The unelected few dictating to us and he is absolutely right!
Where was his plan to solve it? Leave was the only thing he could come up with! The only person who could do something about it and would be listened to was Nigel himself!

  • To leave was not the answer
  • To stay is not the answer either
  • His knowledge of the EU is invaluable if used in the right way
  • Why did that not happen?
  • The establishment has made it hard for him to be understood
  • Now, all we are left with is a lost opportunity

As for Boris Johnson

  • I can see that he knew he could be seen as a player
  • His PR guys made sure of this by siding with the leave campaign
  • His popularity is about to now be tested!

So we are where we are! what is going to happen next?

I draw your attention to one voice that is worth listening to and what he has said; The economist Nouriel Roubini of New York University thinks Britons are;

  • “Much better off” staying in the European Union
  • He has cautioned that Britain could plunge into recession
  • If voters opt to leave the EU, damaging the U.K.’s economy and the job market
  • Now, what does he know?
  • Well, he predicted the crash and he does it by facts, not fiction!

Well, the comment was made that what was wiped off the value of businesses in two hours;

  • Friday was the equivalent of 40 years of payments to the EU!
  • Scotland will leave us! Comments “well let them” is a typical statement from an older generation.
  • So there goes our North Sea Oil!
  • Northern Ireland will join the South!
  • Well, it has to happen one day and I think Irish people will see the options!
  • The North will all get a Southern passport watch it will happen!

General election when a new prime minister is in place?

I cannot see this happening with a new leader of the Labor party well what is new here? Many people have no idea what will happen next.

  • We urgently need a leader of strength
  • A team of people to go in and look at all the options!
  • Article 50 is in the government’s hands, not the EU
  • The EU can mess up our Banks with a withdrawal of certain rules
  • The UK cannot dither someone must grab the nettle and quick.
  • China waits in the wings to sort out trade and get it done!
  • They have invested with France in a nuclear power plant for the UK
  • Who is it going to be dealing with?

The terms were on EU regulation legal issues and they are going to be really difficult to sort The lawyers and experts will just love it those fees will be enormous!

Cornwall and Wales can ill afford the withdrawal of EU funding!

They expect the UK to pick up the bill! Can it afford to?

The high street is no longer a viable way of selling what next?

  • How many more businesses will fail?
  • How many businesses are on the edge right now?
  • There are many real issues that no one has thought through.
  • Is there a conclusion?

The leave vote does not have a plan and no contingency why?

  • I believe they never expected to win!
  • So when the 48% remaining voters take the view that there is a better way is it too late?
  • Maybe a new political party will emerge anything can happen just put a page up on Facebook the “young people’s party” and stand back and see what happens!

One million have already signed up for a new EU referendum and vote!

  • Remember it is not over till the fat lady sings!
  • The vote leave team needs to set up a plan and get on with it
  • They just cannot leave it to the UK government!
  • They cannot afford to just sit on the fence and watch closely my bet is that they will do just that!

Mrs Merkel has said the EU needs a relationship with the UK

David Cameron should make the process start now and anyone in remain has to stand aside in phase one. So come on we need a leader with an understanding of the real issues.

  • How to get a job done!
  • Making this as painless as possible is important!

Nigel Farage you need a new challenge get on with it! You have spent your life waiting for this and as yet you have not become a member of parliament now this needs to happen! If this drags on, then you will see the consequences! The public will have long memories and better than they are good ones, not negative ones.

Regards John

Well, you can always buy a motorhome and just disappear! That actually sounds like a good plan!