Euro 6 Diesel Engines

Euro 6 Diesel Engines. What do we know about Euro 6 Diesel engines? Not a lot of us mere mortals have a clue. However, we soon will be well and truly experts, in the emissions, that must stop. So, all motorhome manufacturers, have had to meet the Euro 6.1 requirements. What do we know about Euro 6 Diesel engines? Not a lot of us mere mortals have a clue. However, we soon will be well and truly experts, in the emissions, that must stop. So, all motorhome manufacturers, have had to meet the Euro 6.1 requirements. This came into effect on the 1st of September 2016. Hence, those requirements, are now being used. With the latest and best emissions equipment, now becoming a hot topic. Therefore, those which emits fewer pollutants, are going to really be considered. So, with the aim to reduce the devastating effects, on the environment. All motorhome manufacturers are well aware of the benefits of a hybrid. With cleaner diesel, we have a starting position. This has to be a good starting point. But, the need for electric motorhomes is clear to see.

The AdBlue system, is about adding a diesel fuel additive. Now, for those who remember, this takes us back to fuel additives for petrol engines, in the early sixties. You added performance enhancement shots! Did it work who can remember? However, the AdBlue, is to help eliminate, the harmful emissions, released by diesel motorhomes / vehicles. So, it uses a practice “Selective Catalytic Reduction” (SCR), they are basically to stop the emissions, being sent out. This reduces the harmful emissions, as the fuel burns. So, the solution goes into the exhaust as a post combustion process.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Add Blue

Let us understand, the way AdBlue, makes a difference. This is a solution and mixture of urea and de-ionised water to comply with Euro 6, recent diesel vehicles. So, when the urea and water solution, combines with exhaust emissions, this produces nitrogen and oxygen. In effect, harmless gases, that occur naturally, in the environment. AdBlue, is in a tank of its own. So, the additive, will be in a separate tank not causing any confusion. With the diesel fill up tank. Also, important to note, that when the AdBlue runs out and the vehicle is switched off, it won’t start again. So, there are plenty of warnings of becoming empty. Thus, to meet the legislation, a vehicle cannot be driven under conditions, where emissions will not meet, the requirement level. So where to find AdBlue?

  1. AdBlue easy to use
  2. plenty of AdBlue suppliers
  3. available at petrol stations
  4. top up at motorhome dealers
  5. helping the environment now
  6. more research needed
  7. electric motorhomes are the answer?
  8. what ways forward are expected
  9. just a matter of time for more electric motorhomes
  10. finding an environmental alternative

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Add Blue Buy

Euro 6 Diesel Engines

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Add Blue Top Up

Finding a constant supply of AdBlue, may not be needed for some motorhome owners. But, only for very high mileage users and not on a daily basis. However, this is all going to depend, on just how far you travel. The good news is that there are plenty of suppliers. Also, available on many fuel forecourts. Online, there are even home delivery services. So, that solves many issues of supply. Most motorhome dealers will include a top-up of the AdBlue, in their service schedules. There is always a certainty, in securely carrying some in your storage area. However, this is not a good idea and not really necessary. Because most motorhomes have good early warning gauges and warning lights. Therefore, a top-up can be planned in advance.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines What Cost is AdBlue?

The average mileage of a tank of AdBlue is between 6,000 to 8,000 miles range on a Peugeot Diesel. So, currently at a cost of 10 litres at a price of £9.99. Source Autosleeper motorhomes. Peugeot’s next-generation Blue HDi 2.0 litre engines. We have already begun to see that new technology is coming in. Thus, on Autosleeper models there is a  15-litre tank, accessible from under the fuel filler. Can we trust the emissions tests on Euro 6 engines? Thus, one would hope so. But, not after the last debacle from VW. So, all the motorhome owner wants is to have an engine that performs and is economical. In addition, to being as a greener consumer as possible. In addition, many VW owners in the UK have found that they have been let down by the emissions scandal. Because of the way compensation has been given to USA drivers and not Europeans. The debate for legal compensation goes on!

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Greener World

Hopefully, a greener motorhome world awaits us sooner than later. Let’s look at the aim of the Euro 6 EU legislation. Therefore, it is to make vehicle engines run cleaner emissions. So, that means lower levels of those harmful exhaust emissions. Hence, such gases as nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (THC and NMHC) and particulate matter (PM). The question is, will Euro 6 diesel engines help us to get there faster? The knock-on effects of reducing these gases mean better fuel economy and lower emissions of CO2. So, for those of us who remember the European emission standards, came into force in 1992. Thus, this was with Euro 1 standards becoming law. So, how far have we come down the road to zero emissions? Hence, our climate is changing and we all know the consequences of that.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Hybrids

Bring on the Hybrid Motorhome. Accordingly, sooner than later. So, let us all see the sense that this makes. Having a genuine Hybrid motorhome would make a real difference. Whilst, there is plenty of research and development going on. Finding that way forward for motorhomes is important. Many, motorhome manufacturers are looking into more environmentally friendly motorhomes. Right down to only having all electric appliances. Those fossil fuels (gas bottles) are being consigned to the bin! So, bring on that environmental motorhome. No doubt a battle of the brands with Trigano Group and Erwin Hymer group will continue in the eco-friendly motorhome. The real difficult thing is to find a balance and an affordable option. Also, there is good news as we now have effective solar panels. Some converters have seen the merits of small motorhomes and one of the first was the Hillside Leisure example. The Danbury E was the world’s first all-electric compact camper.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines All Electric

We think, that whilst we have a surge of interest, in environmentally friendly motorhomes. There is still a place for the conventional clean diesel motorhome. There are some very logical points being raised, what price residual value of an old diesel? What real demand is there for an all-electric motorhome? The likes of Tesler have focused on trucks and cars what about the vast RV (recreational vehicle) marketplace? Well, the entrance stage left with Dethleffs introducing a concept electric motorhome! Not to be outdone, down in New Zealand they have developed not just an electric motorhome. They have turned the idea on its head and opted for as environmentally friendly as possible.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Dethleffs All Electric

Dethleffs has begun to develop the all-electric motorhome. Apparently, this is the first known RV manufacturer to develop a fully electric motorhome. Taking the lead ahead of Tesla in this sector.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines Tourism Holdings Limited

Tourism Holdings Limited from New Zealand hires out motorhomes. They have developed an LDV EV80 based motorhome. This is also a very environmental friendly motorhome. Having an ideal testing ground to hand.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines The Solution

Finding the right solution, well we are where we are. So, what options do we really have? Until the development of Electric engines or a Hybrid appears, then all we are able to do is select a Euro 6 diesel engine. Take a look at the market leaders in motorhome chassis Fiat! A good second bet is the Peugeot. Who has an excellent record of working with many motorhome manufacturers? Mercedes Benz, again leader in luxury motorhome production. All are pursuing the options, to make things better.  This may well be a race well worth winning. Many groups like Trigano Group and the likes of Mclouis Fusion and Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, provide good examples of motorhome technology. The customer will ultimately be the judge of what motorhome they will buy. However, a choice between environmentally friendly and no extra cost, no doubt will win the day.