Do sat navigations save on fuel?

Sat navigation systems are worth having on the motorhome when considering buying a sat-nav system there is a wide choice apparently the S900 Ventura lite is a good example. There are many for campervans and motorhomes use, however, there are some downsides to having a sat navigation they give up the ghost at the wrong time usually when no signal is available so as backup take a map. Motorhomes and campervans may be more economical when fitted with a sat navigation system because they hopefully save travelling time. MPG miles per gallon returns vary according to the size of the motorhome this is more about a driving style than sat navigation however, conditions do make a difference. On average expect 25 to 30 mpg from an average 2.2 Turbo Diesel five berth motorhome. LPG has to be a good option with fuel prices getting higher consider a fuel card for ease of access one rule to maintain avoid running on reserve tank because motorhomes are heavy to push when filling up ensure the fuel cap is secure a locking fuel cap is worth having.

Do sat navigations save on fuel? Check Maintenance

There are ways to save on fuel, for example, using a fuel card some carry low-cost pump prices like a loyalty card driving with a black box on board to demonstrate to insurers that you drive carefully would save fuel. Other technologies LPG and electric motorhomes have to be the ultimate way to go. There are many simple tips to save on fuel consumption such as not accelerating with a heavy foot to braking slowly in anticipation keeping the tyre pressures correct and not running on well-worn tyres. There are many fuel-saving gadgets and tips out there here are ten to consider;

  1. have your motorhome serviced on time
  2. use a sat navigation to save getting lost
  3. drive at a constant speed
  4. do not accelerate unnecessarily
  5. keep your fuel cap locked at all times if possible
  6. don’t brake suddenly if you are able not to
  7. use additives as recommended by the manufacturers
  8. check tyre pressures
  9. don’t drive on flat tyres check the spare as well
  10. now do not overload your motorhome

Do sat navigations save on fuel? Plan journeys

No doubt we want to save fuel but, it is on the motorhome pollution side that our concerns come out we hope that a solution to the pollution is found diesel fuel on motorhomes is about 95%. Sooner than later be as conservative with our travels take our time and plan all the journeys to conserve fuel as best as we are able to do so.

Do sat navigations save on fuel?
Do sat navigations save on fuel?