Electrics in motorhomes 

So what is the best lighting? LED lighting is now virtually standard on motorhomes. So, with many power saving devices now available and an extra leisure battery is a good idea. Thus, this can prove to be more than helpful on dark nights. Therefore, having extra power will always be a winner. Thus, taking a spare hook up is also a good idea. Which campsites offer electric hook-ups? Some campsites do provide hook ups for electricity. It is always worth carrying a spare socket and lead. Also, campsites and pitches usually provide a 230 v supply. So, this would power most of the appliances. However, many campsites tend to have maximum supplies. So, generally rated at 16 Amps or 10 Amps. Also, sometimes as low as 5 Amps on campsites in Europe.

What is the best generator? However, many costing more than just a few hundred pounds. In effect, your own power station with you a small one anyway. However, they do take up space but ideal to use in remote areas. Also, now solar power is really making a difference now.Thus, remember that most generators are noisy. Hence, there is no better way of annoying your fellow campers than the sound of a generator running all night. Hence, solar power is now gaining in popularity more accurately photo-voltaic power.

Ten electric in motorhomes points forgive the pun;

  1. make electrics safe
  2. check hook up leads regular
  3. trip switch activated get garage to check
  4. control panel not working fuse blown
  5. refer to manual electrics
  6. carry spare fuses
  7. never use wrong current
  8. always check campsite electrics
Electrics in motorhomes
Electrics in motorhomes