So, habitation checks keeping your motorhome in tip top condition. So,  what is a habitation check? Habitation checks are a good thing to have undertaken before the season starts have an annual habitation check. Also, look for National Caravan Council approval of workshops. Thus, habitation checks look at safety. Ventilation, fire safety, 12v electrics, mains electrics, water system, gas, body work and under body. So do motorhomes need an MOT? Having a motorhome service is just the same as a car. Hence, your vehicle will require an MOT test at three years old. So, make sure the lights, brakes, steering are safe. Thus, most dealers will undertake to do this for you. So, ensure the service is in line with manufacturer’s times. Also, maintain the service history as this adds value when you come to sell it.

When you set out to buy any motorhome then there are good reasons to have a habitation check. This is a service of maintenance on the actual habitation of a motorhome. It will cover many different areas including safety points as well as general use. There are important reasons to have regular habitations checks nome more so that to maintain its value. A full habitation service history is a passport to the next owner and has a real value.

Here are some good points of having a habitation check ten good points;

  1. safety issues check over
  2. electrical and gas inspections
  3. waste water tanks cleaned
  4. fresh water tanks cleaned
  5. upholstery cleaned an option
  6. protection of exposed pipes
  7. protect your family and loved ones
  8. identify any problems early
  9. avoid invalidating your warranty
  10. maintaining value – a history of habitation checks
Habitation Checks
Habitation Checks