How many berths what layout do we need?

The answer may be in how many passengers you want to travel with you? The size of your motorhome or campervan varies. In addition, it depends upon the number of people sleeping. What layout shall we have? Layouts differ between makes and models. Also, there are many different motorhome layouts to look at you. So, you need to experience the feel of differing layouts. Thus, end kitchen and bed layouts make a difference sometimes. What size water and waste tanks do we need? So, how big a shower do you want to take as this can determine the water tank capacity. Also, tanks vary in size it will depend on how many berths.

Thus, the waste tanks (grey water) vary in the motorhome size. Kitchen areas differ why is that? European motorhomes layout may not have a large oven. Therefore, Europeans cook outside on a barbecue in the sunshine. Also, Europeans like garage space and smaller kitchens. Hence, the microwave ovens are into the layouts. Also, along with nice neat gas layout and ranges. So, many kitchen layouts are smaller. Also, English designs are for cooking that Sunday roast. Hence, the larger kitchens.

There are some key points about berths and layouts here are ten;

  1. end bedroom
  2. end kitchen fixed bed
  3. French bed
  4. over cab
  5. luton layout
  6. end washroom
  7. u shaped lounge
  8. l shaped lounge
  9. full rear garage
  10. A class layout

There is always a dilemma, about the size and specification, of your first motorhome. So, much so, that you want to understand what the layouts mean? Where do you want to go in the motorhome? That is a great starter for ten. Where are you going to use it?  If you’re already a motorhome owner then looking for a change, ask yourself why. There is always a reason, that drives that urge to change your motorhome. This could be the fact that you just want larger or smaller layouts and beds. So, you have to consider, how many berths and what layout fits you!

How many berths what layout do we need? Plan Your Purchase

How many berths what layout do we need?
How many berths what layout do we need?