Is it easy to drive a motorhome or campervan?

Well it is if you take a little time out first, to discover how things work. So, motorhomes and campervans are easy to drive.?However, the answer does depend on how you get on with the overall length and width. Hence, now all new ones have power steering. Thus, many have rear sensors and reversing cameras are great. Many fetchures are a great help when parking in tight spaces.

Like any new vehicle that you are driving for the first time. Thus, once you have a feel for to their size it becomes easy. In relation to a car you will find them a joy to drive. The more you drive them the easier it will become. Also, park using your mirrors and rear camera. In addition, campervans due to their size a lot easier to drive. So, is driving a motorhome easy? Well, that answer is all about how you apply yourself. Making sure that you know all the details and how thing work are important.

Well is it really easy to drive a motorhome? Ten points to consider;

  1. make sure you understand the cab controls
  2. get your seating position right
  3. adjust all the mirrors to suit you
  4. make sure the reversing camara is connected
  5. check the corners and know the height of the motorhome
  6. are the lights all in order
  7. are you insured to drive
  8. do you have the correct licence
  9. high vis jackets
  10. warning triangle in place

Is it easy to drive a motorhome or campervan? Find out

Clearly driving any motorhome may well be a challenge in the first instance. However, we all have to start somewhere and having the right driving licence is a good place to begin. You may be thinking wow this is a bit to big for me. But, climb aboard and sit in that drivers seat, rest your arms on the arm rests and look in the mirrors. Not so large after all! Now getting the seat heights and the position is important. So, just make sure that you have an easy view of all corners and the rear of the motorhome. This is where a good reversing camera and other driving aids come into there own!

Is it easy to drive a motorhome or campervan? Good vision

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ. Many motorhomes will be much higher and longer, than a standard car. Also, there are things to remember, for example, that bridge you are about to go under? Will your motorhome roof hit it? Make sure that the bridge is not to low. So, knowing the height and width of your motorhome are essential bits of information. In addition, overhanging over cabs. they also, need to not be forgotten. The real issues are about taking your time. Adjust to the height and width and how it all feels, do not be in any form of hurry. Other drivers do respect the size of motorhomes and even lorry drivers, know how it feels driving a larger than normal vehicle. That is why you have to adjust your driving too and staying safe at all times, is a must.

Is it easy to drive a motorhome or campervan?
Is it easy to drive a motorhome or campervan?