Things you need to have with a motorhome

Essential safety issues for motorhome essentials like warning triangles compulsory in most European countries high viz vest illuminated triangle items must be on display if a breakdown or involved in an accident. People ask what documents are needed certainly take a valid full driving license with paper counterpart a photo card license International driving permit the original vehicle registration document motor insurance certificate. Remember, a visa for certain countries will be needed documentation to comply with immigration, customs, health and regulations. Having to produce documents at any time avoids a police fine or confiscation of the vehicle this does happen have documents readily available for inspection. Motorhome stopovers for filling up emptying tanks buy guides with information of campsites car parks motorhome stopovers Aires guides Europe operate motorhome stopover schemes identifying where motorhomes may legitimately park up.

Things you need to have with a motorhome make a list

carry a camping guide book for reference do not park in unsafe places like hard shoulders of roads don’t block farmers access to animals lookout for areas that flood don’t leave waste and litter behind. Many things are essentials without stating the obvious common sense should prevail. However, we are all liable to forget things a good idea is to have a map as sat navigation may fail if you don’t have a good signal. Ten things that may come in most useful in the motorhome;

  1. current driving licence
  2. insurance certificate
  3. paper version of driving licence
  4. registration documents
  5. mot certificate if needed
  6. high vis jackets for all passengers
  7. emergency warning triangle
  8. breathalyser kit
  9. bulb replacement kit
  10. puncture repair kit

Things you need to have with a motorhome be prepared

Points to remember the reflective high wiz jacket /waistcoat must conform to EU Standards BS EN 471 1994 Class 1 or 2. The AA recommends each vehicle carries at least two jackets for the driver and a passenger. Don’t forget the other passengers comply with the rules. Drink driving all are also worth pointing out in France, for example, a breathalyzer kit and a yellow triangle are compulsory. Check, things are up to date like the licence has not run out! Taking that insurance certificate may be needed for inspection. More practical things like a spare hook up lead and some jump leads may come in handy a bulb set again are compulsory in many places even a good torch and some candles may help.

Things you need to have with a motorhome