Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes

Can you explain why are kitchen layouts different in European motorhomes? There is some logic behind this. However, it does depend on the actual motorhomes layout. Kitchen areas differ why is that has many reasons? European motorhomes layouts may not have a large oven. Therefore, this is explained by the fact that Europeans more than often cook outside. Mainly on a barbecue in the sunshine. Also, European motorhomes have garage space to carry all the cooking equipment and other things. So, that is why you will find smaller kitchens on European motorhomes.

Hence, they tend to have small ovens and always a microwave oven. With basic hob and grill and smaller oven built into the layouts. Also, along with nice neat gas layout and ranges. So, many kitchen layouts are smaller. Also, English designs are for cooking that Sunday roast. Hence, the larger oven space and a roomy kitchen area in UK motorhomes.

Ten things to consider when looking at the role a kitchen layout holds;

  1. end kitchen a firm favorite
  2. galley kitchen always popular in van conversions
  3. barbeque points outside of course
  4. storage via a garage for kitchen stuff
  5. a large oven grill and hob on UK motorhomes
  6. small corner kitchens on European motorhomes
  7. classic large fridge freezer in the UK kitchen layout
  8. microwave all sizes that help out at snack time
  9. extra drainage and cupboard areas
  10. large cutlery draws and waste bins standard

Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes Microwaves

When looking for a motorhome the layout areas are the main source of research. None more so that the kitchens and what to expect them to have. Cooking inside the motorhome is a bit English mainly because the UK weather does not alway look kind on that Sunday dinner. European layouts follow that outside approach with a garage as a main feature. Fixed beds are popular as well so all this type of layout dictates smaller kitchens.

Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes
Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes