Getting information, this may well depend of understanding the use of motorhome jargon. It is all about short letters, many that are common when describing layouts on motorhomes. A simple example is EK this stands for End Kitchen and so it is more about a layout reference. You will find a lot of quick references when looking at a motorhome description. So, it is hardly surprising the need to understand the quick references.

Understanding Motorhome Jargon

Understanding Motorhome Jargon How do we begin, to answer so many questions, about understanding motorhome jargon? Well, we decided to give it our best shot alphabetically. If we have missed something, we are bound to have done that. Many people get very frustrated, because, they cannot find an answer, to a motorhome or campervan question. We want to drive those problems away, sooner than later. If you have a question or jargon buster, then please let us know. [...]

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