Buying a new motorhome is always a daunting prospect, because, this is quite an investment. Maybe we will just be beginning to understand this is like buying a hotel on wheels. Now that is a fine prospect but the cost is going to be as much as a house purchase for some. Getting the right layout and how many berths you need are going to be crucial decisions. We wish you good luck this is that dream purpose and it is really going to change your lifestyle!

Who are Auto-Sleeper?

Who Are Auto-Sleeper? Well, can you tel us who are Auto-Sleeper? They are one of the leading motorhome manufacturers. They are based in Willersey a small village near Broadway in the Cotswolds in the UK. Auto-Sleeper Ltd have been making motorhomes for over 55 years. They also offer a great range of van conversions range. Mainly based of Fiat and Peugeot chassis. With a Mercedes Benz luxury range all the coachbuilts and van conversions have won many industry [...]

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Who are McLouis Fusion?

Who are McLouis Fusion? Who is McLouis Fusion? That is a simple thing to answer, they are motorhomes of outstanding distinction. Being from the giant McLouis Italian factory in Italy, they are a specialist model brought into the UK by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Both, McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are part of the Trigano Group the French company. This is just 5 models first of all all with a fixed bed layout and rear garage space. Now when you look [...]

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