Finding Alternative Places.

Yes, sometimes finding alternative places to stay over, is not as easy as one may think. Especially, if you have been on the road for quite a long time. You may have planned the motorhome journey down to the last mile and junction turn off. However, things do go wrong, it may be a delayed ferry crossing, a motorway accident or those dreaded roadworks. Delays do happen even on the shortest journeys as well.

Now, just planning a motorhome journey especially if you have done it before may be easy. But, for any first-time motorhome owner, that first long day behind the wheel may be tiering. A wrong turn may also make things not go quite to plan. Also, on a safety note you really need to time those breaks. Pulling into a motorway services and taking that break, will refresh the mind. But, tiredness kills and that is a fact!

Finding Alternative Places to Stay-Over.

Currently, in an age of satellite navigation things should be easy. Right down to Google Maps on your mobile phone. Everything looks so easy to locate. But, what about that road that narrows and comes to an abrupt end? However, when you are on a narrow road and your destination seems to have disappeared, what do you do? Don’t panic Mr Mannering, don’t panic.  It may be a bit late for Dads Army to come to the rescue or even the AA for that matter! So, that is when that plan B comes into place. Wild camping here we come!

Taking your motorhome somewhere safe and remote and then testing things is a good idea. There are many good online guides to find good places for a stayover. Many have great reviews good and bad to consider. However, if its getting late and you are lost, then that roadside stay-over may have to be taken. There are many alternatives you may want to consider, before you experience such happenings.

Alternative Places to Stay.

Pub stay-overs are one to consider, if you can find a pub that is! Many pubs allow you to park up for free, if you take food and beverage with them. This at least will get you fed and watered and parked up safe for the night. Having a good breakdown cover may well help in those emergency situations. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power for example is not nice.

Taking a Motorhome Tour First.

Well imaging that it is your first outing in your new motorhome. The water tanks are full, as with the gas tank and you have been to fill up with fuel. So, your are off but where to? This is an adventure, but with the state of UK roads and the scale of traffic it may be not be all plain sailing.

In fact, finding alternative places to go and stay as well as see the sites may be the plan. However, it is a lot easier with someone who has been there, got the tea-shirt and done that! Motorhome tours are very popular and when you way up what you get, it is easy to see why. Someone else planning everything may well be an easy alternative until you get your wings! Look at UK Crossings Tours for some ideas.

Ferries Booked For You.

Most good tour operators have everything covered. From booking Ferries to having reservations at campsites. Also, knowing that they know the routes, so stops and safety are all part of the tour. Just getting that experience without the stress may be the real answer for anyone.

What alternatives are there if you go it alone? Well you can make friends, read what others may have done online. Also, on a review of a journey you can see warts and all. In fact, planning is all part of enjoying your motorhome. Ensuring you remember what that handover guy told you when you collected your motorhome, this will come in handy. Knowing how everything works, will provide a real confidence booster. Got a match to light the gas may well be a thing of the past. But, not having filled up the gas in the tank, may be an oversite.

Last Resorts.

Well you may be lost and there is only one alternative “any port in a storm” so to speak! You can go online and look at booking websites to see if an hotel nearby, has a space to park your motorhome. Take that hotel room and just have one nights break, away from your motorhome may relax you and de stress in one go. Many seasoned motorhome owners will no doubt shout foul.

Why pay for a hotel? Well it may just give you that focus, to really plan your journey with an alternative option. Knowing your options and having a plan B as an option will really help. The secret of taking a tour, heading for a one night hotel stop and knowing you motorhome are experience building and all takes time. Eventually, you will be that seasoned campaigner ready to go anywhere and stay anywhere!

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