Searching First Time Motorhome Tips

First Motorhome Trip. There are many searches, all related to first motorhome trips and buying that first motorhome. For example, “tips for first-time motorhome owner” and “motorhome tips newbies”. This really is all about motorhome buying and tips for beginners. They may well have discovered, what the best motorhome to buy used, is for them!. If driving a motorhome for the first time, remains a little bit of a challenge. So, motorhome tips and hints of motorhome advice, especially, for new motorhome owners, maybe sound advice to start with.

Buying a motorhome for the first time, is one thing, knowing what is in store, for that first motorhome trip is another. So, therefore getting to know both your own driving competence, more importantly, the characteristics of how the motorhome handles. All this is being wrapped up into a whole new venture, for many of us, a dream come true. Motorhomes ownership is really all about the experience. Thus, there is no substitute for getting in some practice. From that, you are likely to learn a few additional lessons. Listen to what other motorhome owners are saying. This always leads forward, adding to your own experiences. As they say onwards and upwards.

First Motorhome Trip

Right there is nothing like your first motorhome trip and starting out and jumping onto the deep end. For many, that is just what happens especially, to first-time motorhome buyers. Let us see if we may begin by offering a few tips, on what to do and what not to do! There are many things you may wish to think about when taking that first motorhome trip. This is always going to hopefully be memorable and a significant first trip in your motorhome.

Poor Planning Poor Performance. First things first, just make sure are comfortable with your motorhome, before taking it out on the road. Take your time and use a bit of practice and perhaps ask the motorhome dealers, who provided the handover, to spend a little extra time and help with some training. Driving a modern motorhome may look to be very straightforward, but, remember, it’s larger than your car! So, for example, consider how it is going to handle. Especially, when cornering, what about reversing and parking etc, what is it going to be like? Better take that first run around the block, as this may well be a bit stressful!

First Motorhome Trip

Just how will that first motorhome trip turn out? That first trip is perhaps relatively unambitious in terms of the distance. Before you launch out and visit the countries that are in your dreams. Better consider some of the driving conditions you will be faced with.

Mountain passes and driving on the wrong side of the road springs to mind! That long weekend somewhere local might be ideal to get to grips with how things work! Maybe a shakedown first voyage in your new motorhome is the first port of call.

There is always that gung ho idea, of a cross-continental marathon journey. However, that is not going to get away from that epic first expedition, to overcome. Yes, that might be, well, being a little “brave” going hell for leather across Europe on your first motorhome trip. Anyway back to reality.

Making The List

Think about what you need to take with you, please ladies, only three pairs of shoes and one hand bag! The fact is that overweight motorhomes can cause all sorts of rows and end up in fines! There is a range of basic equipment not to leave behind. Just ask any experienced motorhome owner what they wouldn’t dream of leaving behind.

First on that list would typically be a good first aid kit, and a selection of useful tools. No not the survival tool kit, with jack hammers. But, please think what we may have to do, change a bulb,mend a fuse, tighten a handle or cut a cable. So, that is better, a selection of screwdrivers, cutter, pliers

Essential Equipment

Also, take a torch with you and some emergency lighting! For comfort outside a pair of external collapsible furniture etc. Go onto forums and see what things should be the most useful objects to take with you. Yes, (opinions might differ) however, when you realise you have left the dog at home with the grandchildren, blind panic will set in!

There is very little to worry about, once you are on an overnight motorhome stopover or campsite. Relief sets in and sleep becomes the order of the day! Yes, you have made a great start to your first motorhome trip. So, if you left something behind, too late to do anything about it. Now, that motorhome basics list comes into play, so, take a bow and put a tick against each thing you remembered and actually used. No those red high heels really were not needed! So, next time you load your motorhome think practical.

Weekend Away

Taking that first motorhome tip may be a sound idea to take a weekend away. The fact is there are plenty of motorhome stayovers and you can start out slowly and find ones that you like. There is no doubt, over time, you will have discovered some great locations. The fact of a weekend away it won’t matter if you have forgotten things. You are able to start out just down the road if you like. Gaining confidence you may even make the seaside. The real bonus is that you will if you stay locally get used to driving your new pride and joy! Yes, that weekend away, takes on a whole new meaning in a motorhome.

Booking Ahead

Well,  where are you going then? Have you made your mind up? Now if you have, then this next bit of motorhome advice, is important. This really does apply, particularly being important, during the summer months and those school holidays. You will discover that those popular sites can be booked up considerably in advance! Certain disappointment awaits if you just rock up and expect to get the best and cheapest pitch going! Just arriving on spec and being greeted by the “site full” is a bit deflating.

Campsites All the Aires

Yes, that popular publication and looking at places listed in it, this really is worth making a phone call in advance. Remember, this is your first motorhome holiday and your first motorhome trip, so, do not spoil the motorhome adventure. As with campsites and motorhome stayovers, make sure you understand the ferries and channel crossings as well! Also, check and confirm availability prior to you set off. There are many other key points about travel times. Remember, the technicalities of your motorhome, such as sizes and heights, are all needed when booking a ferry ticket as you want the right booking.

Aires Videos

Going to France for that first motorhome trip? Then take a look at the videos of stayovers. The aires are places for motorhomes to stay and these videos are useful. Made by the owner of Monty the motorhome Don and Phil.

Crossing Eurotunnel 

Learn from the experts if you want to be confident then check out these videos. Just a great bit of work to show you how to use the Eurotunnel. A absolute