Frankia Motorhomes

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Frankia Motorhome Prices

Price and value for money, are all key factors when buying any Frankia motorhome. Frankia does not disappoint on what is on offer, Frankia Motorhomes 2018 prices, sets the standard. Many options are available and many are standard features include in the Frankia Motorhome prices.

Frankia Motorhomes Models

Frankia Motorhomes have an excellent range of motorhomes. Sold in the UK by SMC Motorhomes. With such attention to detail and outstanding luxury motorhomes. Made in Germany, Frankia Motorhomes continues to develop its first class ranges;

SMC Motorhomes Frankia Motorhomes UK

Simple perfection drives the Frankia Motorhomes sales.

  1. Frankia Platin
  2. M Line
  3. Titan
  4. F Line
  5. Selection

Frankia Motorhomes Germany

The outstanding Frankia Platin Range luxury beyond boundaries. The top of the range, excellent both in looks and performance.

Frankia Motorhomes

Frankia Motorhomes Reviews

When writing about any motorhome, it may be a matter of personal choice, however, in the case of Frankia motorhomes, it is about class. Combining with luxury and outstanding designs. Frankia motorhomes has new interior designs and renowned concepts, that provides personal accents inside a Frankia motorhome.

There is plenty of choose from with eight different design options. You may be spoiled for choice. There is harmony in the design combinations, within each of the concepts.

Frankia Motorhomes Space

Nothing prepares you for the exceptional storage space on a Frankia motorhome. The large hatches provide ease of loading, from either side, ideal for taking stuff with you. Lashing rails make things secure and pull out racks create ease of access, if you so wish.

Frankia Motorhomes Floors

Simple options on floors, there is the double floor option, again helps with storage. The smart floor provides insulation in the living space as well.

Renowned Innovations

Frankia motorhomes do details very well indeed. It’s the actual practical applications that count. No Frankia Motorhome is left to chance, far from it! The details and reliability factor, are some of the many points that make Frankia what it is today.

Frankia Motorhomes Designs

A lot of thought has been put into the Frankia Motorhomes, especially, in the upholstery designs. They are all perfectly coordinated, both in matching the curtains, to complement the refined wood designs. This all blends in with the Frankia high-quality surface finishes.

Frankia Motorhomes Layouts

This really does stand out and provides interiors that have a unique character. Nothing has been left to chance, they really have thought of everything. Right from the detail of the floor designs, through to the worktop in the kitchen. The Frankia Motorhome layouts are exceptional.

Frankia Motorhomes Kitchens

There are real options in the kitchen areas, to have just what you want. Compromise, is never far away when buying a motorhome. With a Frankia motorhome you are not placed with that at all. Modern designs and great layouts await your inspection.

Frankia Motorhomes Haematite Designs

From a conventional finishes, to a classic look, with the haematite design concept, the choice lies with the customer. The option of the light colour fabrics, provides that Mediterranean look and feel. The pyrite concept, again demonstrates a timeless effect.

The Marble theme provides warm cream tones, that are popular. There are classic blues, providing a very fresh look. There remains an excellent choice of surfaces, with options on choice of patterns and fabrics.

Frankia i 7400 QD M Line Virtual Reality

Frankia i 7400 GD M Line Virtual Reality

Frankia Motorhomes UK

Frankia Motorhomes For Sale In Germany

Frankia Motorhomes Platin Range

The Frankia Platin success story, continues for Frankia motorhomes. There is no doubt why, because, this popular luxury motorhome is even more powerful and now much better equipped in 2018. Extending good designs and layouts, are all part of the Platin ranges success.

So, the Platin is the perfect companion,for  anyone that likes to remain a little independent, without sacrificing comfort as well. The Platin was made for you! There is endless space and peace of mind, with real independence. This is built in reliability and really down to good sound engineering. Key features;

  • standard 110 Ah LiFePO4 battery.
  • Platin completely new front design.
  • designs with a specialist twist.
  • luxury whatever is required.
  • enjoy luxury and freedom on four wheels.

Frankia Motorhomes M Line Range

The Mercedes platform provides the M-Line with many features. Also, M-Line includes optimised handling, a powerful engine, all part of the striking designs. The Mercedes has an elegant interior, a practical central supply system, more headroom (up to 2.03 metres).

With the innovative double floor in both the A-Class and Low-Profile models. M Line range delivers Frankia a real Mercedes package, befitting the designs and layouts. Truly reliable and practical, in all aspects of designs and usage.

  • new exterior design with a bold front.
  • practical central supply system.
  • completely stepless double floor.
  • interior design concepts, wide variety of floor plans.
  • unique selection of standard equipment with innovative.

Frankia Motorhomes Titan Range

The success story of the Frankia motorhomes Titan range, now has a Fiat platform. The Titan range is a new vehicle that provides freedom, luxury and flexibility. Select an A-class or coachbuilt and the all-in-one Fiat model comes with a lot of standard equipment.

In addition, to having huge amount of storage space. Ideal luggage space, for bikes and or electric scooters (depending on floor plan). What’s more, the 35 cm high double floor gives you plenty of options, to securely store your holiday accessories. Also, keeping them well out of sight. Some Titan fetchures;

  • technology by Büttner Elektronik.
  • unbelievably spacious.
  • extra-large rear storage (depending on floor plan).
  • 35 cm high double floor
  • popular round seating group.
  • large variety Fiat platform A-Class or Coachbuilt.

Frankia Motorhomes F Line Range

The flexibility is here whether you choose an A-Class, Low-Profile or Coachbuilt. You will find that the Frankia F-Line models have a lot to offer. There are quite simply, many special features and there are 20 different floor plans.

The variation in layouts provides options, with 5 different lengths alongside the 7 different bed layouts. This is the ultimate motorhomes range with some very flexible options. There literally is a layout for anyone, be it large or small all are catered for.

  • improved handling and enhanced driving.
  • AL-KO low-frame chassis.
  • storage space sophisticated layouts.
  • stepless, heated double floor
  • room for large items.
  • 20 floor plans, 5 lengths, 7 sleeping layouts.

Frankia Motorhomes Selection Range

The Frankia Motorhome selection range and options, are certainly the right choice. That is for anyone wanting a variation on a theme. The Frankia Motorhomes Selection line, has an innovative lightweight design.

This takes motorhome designs to a different option. Therefore, this provides the full Frankia motorhomes convenience.

This is mainly because it has a starting total weight of just 3.5 ton.

  • only 3.5 tonnes total weight.
  • lightweight design.
  • full Frankia convenience.
  • compact layout.
  • exclusive equipment packages.
  • great seating area with plenty of room.

Frankia Motorhomes Insulation

Frankia motorhomes enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, sound insulation and stability. This is because they have Thermo Guard and Thermo Guard Plus wood-free walls and the floor structures offers all this and more.

There is no doubt that Frankia Motorhomes are robust and that is due to the Thermo Guard insulation. Now when you sit in a Frankia it is quiet, why you may ask? The fact is has a 34 mm wall thickness and wood-free structure.

Add this to the fact that there is glass fibre-reinforced plastic cladding on the walls as well! The ceiling and floor are also taken care of. Therefore, to

ensure that the motorhome has and offers protection, in virtually any weather conditions. To finish the insulation, they even have closed-cell styrofoam. Proven to very high levels, excellent insulation, extends to the living space as well.