Frankia Platin Range

The Platin success story continues for Frankia motorhomes. There is no doubt why, because, this popular luxury motorhome is even more powerful and now much better equipped in 2018.

So, the Platin is the perfect companion, anyone that likes to remain a little independent without sacrificing comfort. The Platin was made for you! There is endless space and peace of mind with real independence.

Frankia Motorhomes

Buying a Frankia Motorhome is like entering another world. A motorhome world of detail and precision engineering. Backed up by the after sales and service, that is the hallmark of Frankia Motorhome dealers success.

Some key Frankia Platin features;

  1. Standard 110 Ah LiFePO4 battery.
  2. Two different floor plans.
  3. Two lengths.
  4. Luxurious central supply system.
  5. Extra-large fresh water tank.
  6. Platin completely new front design.
  7. Designs with a specialist twist.
  8. Luxury whatever is required.
  9. Exclusive living comfort.
  10. Individual designs.
  11. Many new options and new fabrics.
  12. Enjoy freedom on four wheels.
  13. Mercedes chassis.
  14. Out and out power.
  15. Ideal independent use.

Frankia Platin i 7900 QD and GD

There is no doubt that the Frankia i 7900 QD and GD, provides for those who want stay independent. Just a matter of being able to stay anywhere at anytime. With an awful lot of standard equipment. Both layouts, excel and provide excellent fetchures, For example, now fitted with an extensive BÜTTNER ELEKTRONIK technology package. This provides very high-performance solar modules, all of which allows travel, to be more independent.

There are the key features, again to make travel even more luxurious. With 8 metres of living space, a step-less double floor all on the Mercedes chassis. Many other individual designs, with central supply system, and an extra-large fresh water tank. With sleeping options and a choice of a spacious queen-size bed or very comfortable single beds.

Frankia Motorhomes Layouts

Discover Frankia Motorhomes reviews and Frankia Motorhomes layouts via  VR (virtual reality). Find out more about Frankia Motorhomes UK and Frankia Motorhomes for sale in Germany. Discover Frankia Motorhomes models and find information online on Frankia Motorhomes 2017 and Frankia Motorhomes 2018.

Frankia Platin i 7900 GD Virtual Reality

Frankia Platin i 8400 QD 

Now for the real experience and the freedom of a real luxury motorhome. The Frankia i 8400 QD provides that luxury like never before. In fact, it really does have all the comforts of home on four wheels. There is very little that the QD does not have. It really has everything you need in this spacious motorhome. With the very good and practical living area in the I 8400 QD, there is very little left to have. The Frankia QD layout provides some of the highest luxurious to be seen. With the very comfortable queen-size bed, very practical round seating group and not forgetting the very spacious MaxiFlex kitchen.

Frankia Platin i 8400 QD Virtual Reality

Frankia Platin i 8400 GD

With the excellent dimension and the out and out style, the Frankia Platin I 8400 GD Platin has much to offer. Luxury travel is not far away, seeing is believing. It has everything any luxury traveller / owner maybe looking to use. With outstanding comfortable single beds, and a large bathroom. All set out for a lounge experience, that is all down to the layout of the seating area. Truly outstanding! There has been very little left to chance, there are some Key points; Single beds, an extra-large seating group. With over 8.5 metre length that provides even more space. Also, has over two metres of headroom.

Frankia Platin i 8400 GD Virtual Reality

Outstanding Frankia Platin Range

When it comes down to looking at the Frankia Platin motorhome range, one description springs to mine ” first class”! The popular luxury liner has become even more powerful, with its Mercedes doing all the work. Entering a Frankia from the Platin range, you will see a more comfortable and better equipped motorhome for this year. The Frankia Platin has become the perfect companion, especially, for many who like being independent.

Peace of Mind Frankia Motorhome Travel

On long journeys, you are able to enjoy peace of mind,knowing that you have the support of the standard 110 Ah LiFePO4 battery. Leisure batteries are an important part of any motorhome and the Plating range, has one of the very best as standard. The Platin series combines being attractive with its practical nature. With the latest new front and expressive design, this really is just luxury on four wheels.

Large Frankia Platin Motorhome Living Space

The fact that there is over 8 metres of living space, with the step-less double floor. All based on the Mercedes chassis, with the individual design options. The Platin has the exclusive central supply system. There for combining the extra-large fresh water tank with the new exterior design. When it comes down to a comfortable sleeping arrangements , again there are good options. Simply choose between a spacious queen-size bed, or opt for the even more comfortable single beds.

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