Our Obligations As A Business

Our process for the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We provide contact details for the main website motorhomes campervans.net. We are observing data protection regulation and providing customers with access to their data upon request.

They can be found by request sending an email to;

  • compliance@motorhomescampervans.net
  • Who Is  to see our domain registartion
  • We own other domain names that may be linked from time to time on a redirection basis.

This is due to be introduced May 25th 2018 changes. This is a new and an overview is on the Main GDPR website (follow links below). More information on this EU GDPR directive can be found;

Other Data Uses Incorporate

  • Our use of data is for our advertising purposes.
  • Data and customer information is via login and password protected.
  • We hold trade data (such as manufacturer and dealer details for advertising purposes).
  • We hold private customers data (those who are members of groups and requesting help to find a motorhome or campervan).

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Therefore, in the course of our business, we hold data in our main website database;

  • Showing reports of the actual requests from customers.
  • Providing proof of how and when these actions were fulfilled.
  • Where used when in our possession.


ICO REGISTERED 00041380675

Our terms and conditions, including our privacy policy, are on a separate information page headed terms and conditions. These will have been superseded by the new GDPR General Data Protection Regulations.

Data Held

The data we hold is mainly of customers who either, advertise with us, or are members of groups that we administrate. That Information and data compliments;

  • Customer Names.
  • Postal Addresses.
  • Email Addresses
  • Mobile Phone Numbers.
  • Main Contact Numbers.
  • Any Links to Customers Social Media Profiles (if provided or requested).

Use of the data provided

We use the data to promote the client and customers presence on the main website.

We promote via our social media channels accordingly on;

Customer Requests

We provide a dedicated email address address to handle ant data enquiries;

  • compliance@motorhomescampervans.net
  • For customers requesting that there data held should be removed.
  • For customers wishing changes to their data.

Action on Customer Requests;

  • The customer has to send in an email to prove that we hold the data.
  • This is by way of a form to be completed and emailed to us.
  • We then will confirm, we do hold the data or do not, as may be the case.
  • We will delete information if requested accordingly in our database.

Data Source

We hold records of processing that illustrate how and where we obtained the customers personal data.

  • How it was handled throughout its life cycle, (i.e recorded in the customers personal login).
  • Showing via password protected access.
  • Identified on and deleted from distributed mailing lists.
  • Providing access and including how we disposed of it i,e deleted the record.

Action on Data Source

  • All forms requesting information, of how we obtained the data are recorded.
  • Source email received at; info@motorhomescampervans.net
  • Held on secure login to customer password protected.
  • Identifies source email in database of customers details.

Demonstrate Best Practice

Offer evidence that you conducted a data protection impact assessment (DPIA). This is required in cases where there is a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subject. But is additionally recommended, as a best practice for all matters relating to data.

Action on Best Practice

  • On receipt of an email all are logged and recorded in the contacts database.
  • On the website if the record refers to be a supplier.
  • By other methods recorded and kept within the users login database.
  • Identified on distributed mailing lists.

See our privacy policy and terms and conditions.


Our privacy policy and terms and conditions may have been superseded by; GDPR General Data Protection Regulation. Should you require any other assistance in the above matters, please in the first instance. Attention of the Data Compliance Officer email; compliance@motorhomescampervans.net

For the Avoidance of Doubt

We as a small business.We state that we hold;

  • data relating to being of a personal nature.
  • data relating to a private nature.
  • being used in our business.
  • all data is stored as safely as possible.
  • we endeavor to comply with GDPR requirements.
  • using data of our customer being within our control.
  • our guidelines of best practice in advertising and reference.

For the Avoidance of Doubt

Being a small business we comply where possible to all legislation

  • we are not FCA (financial conduct authority) approved.
  • and we do not offer any form of advice on finance or insurance products.
  • we purly use best practice in advertising.
  • promoting goods and services of interest.
  • referring and relating mainly to motorhomes and campervans.

Legal Issues

GDPR (general data protection regulation).

There are a few issues to legitimise the processing of personal data. Below, are what we believe are the most relevant relating to legal under the GDPR.

Requirements Product Implications

Data processed must be necessary for the services, as defined, in the contract with the individuals consent. That consent needs to be a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent.

  • people have a right to withdraw consent.
  • this must be brought to their attention.
  • must be from a person over the age of consent.
  • as therefore specified in that member state.
  • otherwise this must be given by or authorised by a parent/guardian.
  • explicit consent is required for some processing certain aspects of data.
  • (categories of personal data).

Legitimate Interests

Third parties that has legitimate interests, will not be overridden, by individuals’ rights or interests.

  • any objectionions raised by an individual during or after processing.
  • therefore, any action must be paused via a data controller.
  • an identified data controller will decide the “purposes” and “means” processing of personal data.
  • compliance measures to cover how data is collected, and what it is being used for.
  • also, how long it is being retained for.
  • therefore to establish and ensure such persons have a right to access the data being held about them.

Data Processor

A data processor is identified;

  • if processing personal data on behalf of a data controller.
  • certain obligations now apply directly to data processors.
  • therefore, all controllers must bind them to certain contractual commitments.
  • again to ensure that data is processed as safely as possible
  • in addition, to being processed legally as well.

Custom Audiences

If we in any format match any CRM data;

  • therefore, we are maybe a user of the data in the database.
  • therefore, creating custom audience.
  • any advertising campaigns, we are therefore a data processor.

Measurement Analytics

  • also, we process data in order to measure the performance.
  • to monitor and manage advertising campaigns.
  • therefore, we may from time to time provide insights, about the people using our services.

Transfers of Any Data

Any transfers of personal data outside of the EEA (European Economic Area)

  • this must meet certain legal requirements.

On Certain Types of Data

  • we may appoint parties to act as a data processor on our behalf.
  • in such circumstances, we will comply requirements under GDPR.
  • therefore, safeguarding all data as best practise as we can.
  • status as a data controller exist if;
  • we decide the “purposes” and “means” of any processing of personal data.

Data Processor

Being classed as data processor, is when you process personal data on behalf of a data controller.

  • certain obligations now apply directly to data processors.
  • as such all controllers, must bind them to certain contractual commitments.
  • therefore, to ensure that data continues, to be processed safely and legally.

Data Controller

The data controller, handles personal data as described in our Data Policy. Therefore, handling personal data as described in our data policies. We will align with GDPR, reviewing all aspects to assist and ensure that we honour our obligations.

Data Processor

There may be times where we act as a data processor on behalf of advertisers. This may result in our compliance requirements for being a data processors. For example, acting as data controllers and data processors, under the GDPR requirements.

Data Policy

In the course of our business we collect content to display on our website. The content and detailed information maybe displayed on our website from time to time.

This may be part of or all of the services we provide to each individual customer. Defined by supplier e.g, Motorhome manufacturer or dealer and private individual. The data may be included and collected in the sign up process for an account with us. This may result in that data supplied being a share, message or communicate with our customers. Or just viewed on our website in an advertising formatt.

Other information and data, such as the location, video, photo or the date a file was created may also be included. We also collect information about how customers may use our advertising and marketing services, such as the types of content, frequency and duration of activities to promote the information.

Data on Social Media

We provide information in the form of links, tweets and published information on the different social media platforms. This is part of our advertising and marketing strategy, promoting motorhomes and campervans displayed originally on our website.

We promote via our social media channels accordingly on;


For the avoidance of doubt;

As with all use on social media platforms, the responsibility under the legislation, relies on their individual compliance to the GDPR requirements. That may result in different terms and data policies being interpreted by them. For which we take no responsibility.

However, we would always comply to our own responsibilities under the GDPR requirements. We use the above social media to promote our advertising and marketing. Sometimes, in the format of paying to do so, as with Google pay per click and other services on Facebook, Twitter and Bing.

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