Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows

So, how does one go about, getting more good deals from motorhome shows? First things first, where are the motorhome shows, being held? We have dedicated a motorhomes events calendar page, for finding motorhome shows. Also, to help you remember when and where the shows are being held. However, just attending a show on the fly, may not provide, getting the most out of a motorhome show. You may have been looking for a new or used motorhome for some time. Now, trailing around motorhome shows may become a very different challenge!

Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows – Research

Here at motorhomes campervans, we provide some top tips to help when attending motorhome shows because there is a lot to take in. Especially, when taking children to a show before taking the children or grandchildren for that matter, to a show. Whilst, this may be a great adventure for them. However, probably you don’t need us to tell you, that most youngsters have a limited attention span. Especially, after diving in the £100K motorhome causing havoc, whilst you may want to take a detailed look at the engine. Checking out, what the different options are for children entertainment may be in order first. However, that salesperson will not be to be amused, when screaming kids are jumping up and down of the beds.

Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows – Children

Good motorhome shows, do provide things to get the children involved with at events. Some have all sorts of things for them to do. Many are supervised by trained people. Do we hear a big sigh of relief? Without doubt, common sense says, that it might be best, to leave your kids at home. Or at least with a family member. Therefore, that will leave you to concentrate on looking for that dream motorhome. The event itself may well have the answer to keep the children occupied. However, taking along some distraction for them, in the form of games or toys, may well be a very smart idea. Here are the top tips to think about;

  1. children keeping them occupied
  2. get a show guide to save time looking for stands
  3. research your interests in advance
  4. plan the day or weekend to see
  5. see what you are interested in
  6. set realistic targets and budgets
  7. wear sensible footwear weather conditions prevail
  8. arrive early and plan going home at noon peak times
  9. if you are taking your motorhome to make sure it is secure
  10. park up in the right areas and plan to go off-site
  11. sun cream and an umbrella may be worth packing

Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows – Research

There, is always some good motorhome advice, to be found at a motorhome show. However, best to research your interests in advance. Also, it is a good idea to draw up a plan of what you want to see. Many of the large motorhome shows , will take a while to see all the stands and exhibitions. This may become a little frustrating, especially, if you get lost. Also, this may be quite intimidating, in terms of the size and scale of the event. Many people just hack along and end up, just wandering around aimlessly. There is no point in trying to look at everything, in one go. Because, you may find that your legs give up the ghost. All that will be achieved is that you end up exhausted. Sun stroke or drenched in rain, may be the outcome. Not to mention without any firm conclusions at the end of the day!

Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows – Wish List

The idea is to keep things simple and have some key things listed. Therefore, that way, what you want to see and check out is noted in advance. Go to those stands or exhibitors, that you have marked out first. You find that you will return to more than just one. Especially, if that dream motorhome is on display! Mark the motorhome dealers that you want to talk to as a priority. You will find that if you ignore everything else. At least until you have put a tick against each of your priority stands and must see motorhomes. This is going to help when you review what you have seen.

Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows – Food

Now, half way round you may become a little peckish! Consider taking some food with you. Whilst, there is always plenty of catering at these events. Some may be a bit of what, you do not need or fancy. Many good quality food, is on the food and catering areas, However, sometimes these areas become extremely crowded. Taking up time to eat, this just limits the time that you have. So, that sandwich on the run maybe a great idea. If you don’t mind queuing up for food, then fair enough. However, as we mentioned, you may be eating up and losing time. Where used motorhomes are concerned, you may return from lunch, to find that dream motorhome is now sold, to someone else. However, spending your time looking at motorhomes, just consider taking a picnic with you for after you have brought a motorhome.

Getting More Good Deals From Motorhome Shows – Footwear

Now, you may find this a bit of a funny thing to mention but, please wear sensible footwear even if the event is inside, you will be on your feet for some hours. Climbing in and out motorhomes, this will also require some nimble action. If inside, then make sure you wear very comfortable shoes rather than those designer specials. Footwear, that makes for comfort, are even more important when outdoors. That pair of wellingtons may also be a godsend if the heavens open up. So, just make sure you are well equipped, especially, when walking around for a few hours.