Habitation Check Motorhomes

The mechanical service is important, however, the habitation check motorhomes also known as a habitation service must be done by professionally trained technicians who have gas status qualifications. For motorhome owners, this is the most important part of maintaining the motorhome especially, when it comes down to the safety issues anything gas or electric needs a specialist qualified technician to work on or make any replacements. What is a habitation check about quite simply, it is a detailed examination of the living area of the motorhome or campervan? The habitation check entails a thorough inspection of the living area of the motorhome or campervan that means a safety check on things like ovens, hobs and grills in the habitation kitchen area checking how efficient and safe the boiler is including servicing the boiler if necessary making sure the hot water is heating up correctly checking for any leaks and inspecting the gas bottles or LPG tank if fitted.

The habitation inspection is carried out by a specialist motorhome engineer this provides motorhome owners with real peace of mind there are many key points to check over like air and pollen filters will need inspecting and changing every socket and light switch will be tested to make sure they are safe and work. Many motorhome warranty companies insist that an annual habitation check is carried out to keep the motorhome warranty valid this is all about safety and wear and tear issues noted in case of a claim or being damaged by lack of maintenance.

Habitation Check Motorhomes Qualified

The motorhome technician should be trained and qualified to do the habitation check also be making sure that the owner understands what has to be tested there are no grey areas in accordance with the white goods manufacturers warranty or motorhome manufacturers the habitation check may be part of the compliance for the warranty. That includes the fridge freezer and microwave oven if fitted many extras may have been fitted like barbeque points outside again these need testing as does the co2 and smoke detector fire alarm simple things like changing the batteries is often overlooked by the motorhome owner something that always needs to be on hand is a spare battery.

Habitation Check Motorhomes Safety First

There is quite a definition for a habitation service the main jobs carried out will focus on detailed checks and inspections, for example, carrying out damp checks inspecting wastewater tanks for any leaks the electrical and gas safety appliances are part of those main checks. By checking inside and out the chassis mountings the appliance checks underfloor heaters the wiring and pipework the inspection of the freshwater system things like toilet cassettes fitting correctly and shower maintenance are important. As in Spain with a house sale, they have to have a habitation check by law when comparing a house habitation check to a motorhome or campervan habitation check there is a comparison to be made except it is a legal requirement for a house sold in Spain not so on a motorhome or campervan.

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