Habitation Checks

Habitation checks keeping the motorhome in tip-top condition, however, what are habitation checks are they good things to have undertaken, especially before the season starts for safety checks to be carried out also, having an annual hibernation check before going into storage works well. Who will carry out habitation and hibernation checks? Basically, anyone who is qualified for the National caravan council approval of workshops is available nationwide. Habitation checks look at motorhome safety checking things like ventilation, fire safety, 12v electrics, mains electrics, water system, gas, bodywork and underbody condition. When you set out to buy any motorhome then there are good reasons to have a habitation check service of maintenance on the actual habitation of a motorhome this will cover many different areas including safety points as well as general use. Other reasons for having habitations checks are they help in maintaining the motorhomes residual value a full habitation service history is a passport for the next owner when selling on the motorhome.

Habitation Checks MOT

Do motorhomes need an MOT having a motorhome MOT and mechanical services are similar to a car? The motorhome will require an MOT test at three years old simple maintenance will help, for example, make sure the lights, brakes, steering are safe most motorhome dealers will undertake doing habitation and hibernation checks and repair work. Ensuring the habitation services, are in line with the manufacturer’s warranty because maintaining the service history adds value when it comes to selling the motorhome. Here are some good points of why having a habitation check makes sense, ten good points;

  1. safety issues check over
  2. electrical and gas inspections
  3. wastewater tanks cleaned
  4. freshwater tanks cleaned
  5. upholstery cleaned an option
  6. protection of exposed pipes
  7. protect your family and loved ones
  8. identify any problems early
  9. avoid invalidating your warranty
  10. maintaining value – a history of habitation checks

Habitation Checks Gas Maintenance

Making sure that things like a bed assembly are working as these are all part of any habitation checks especially, where electrics are involved in getting the bed set up makes life easy. Being in the right position is an important part of maintenance no one likes making beds up with the easy electric drop-down beds, like on the McLouis Fusion motorhomes that are easy to use, however, they need to work efficiently and be fully tested from time to time.

Habitation Checks Electrics Maintenance

Completing, any habitation checks takes in the kitchen and appliances. Starting out checking the ovens, hobs and grills are important. Many operate from duel fuel sources. So, gas and electrics all will need specialist qualified technicians attention. The other things to note, is the waste water outlets working? Blocked drains in a motorhome spells problems!

Habitation Checks
Habitation Checks