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Helping Motorhome Campervan Travelers Ukraine Poland Baltic. The question is how can motorhome and campervan owners help people in Ukraine and Poland? Other Baltic states as well may well soon need help? The most important part of this article is to help Ukraine in any way we can. The motorhomes and campers van blogger community, are invited to post on-topic information under our category “helping motorhome campervan travellers Ukraine Poland”. Communications may become difficult so, motorhomes campervans is helping if any we can. We are promoting bloggers such as Alan Heath, who is in Europe travelling to motorhome shows, writing blogs and articles. He has been at a refugee centre and sent a live Facebook feed for people to understand and comment.

Motorhome people helping Ukraine

It is difficult to find help to assist Ukraine in its time of need, virtually everyone we deal with wants to help but, clearly, it is a matter of looking at what is available on the ground and how to get things into some sort of order to help. We have been looking at different ways to tackle the many problems and here we will display motorhome people who can help be it governments like Poland and other Baltic states. Any links will be most welcome but, not at the expense of getting SEO and keywords to work for a profit. If our traffic builds we will see if we get any AdSense revenue and pass it on.

Are you leaving Ukraine or already in Poland? Fill in a simple form – we will send it to the relevant unit that provides help to refugees. You will soon receive an answer. This is the most positive way to help we have found so far. The best support we have found is the Polish government’s support on this website it is really helpful and we have decided to promote it as best we can;

We are adding links that can help the Ukrainians in need right now! Poland is a major contributor in helping Ukraine. Motorhome people have made a start to a long journey to help Ukraine, which will no doubt take in more baltic states as they take in more refugees.

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