How motorhome warranty guarantees work

How motorhome warranty guarantees work. Welcome to our leisure vehicle warranty details, how motorhome warranty guarantees work today, The benefit of buying a vehicle new or from a quality dealership is the ‘warranty’ cover that comes with it. The peace of mind of knowing that if something fails, experienced workshop engineers are on hand to fix it. Also important is to make sure an effective repair is carried out and tested. One of the benefits of buying a new leisure vehicle from a quality dealership is the usual 3-year ‘warranty’ guarantee that comes with it if mechanical or habitation failures occur. A quality pre-owned vehicle from a dealership should have a 1-year cover, which is why as the original manufacturer, we only use AWS-approved workshops for claim repairs. Engineer aftercare is on hand to help any motorhome dealers to find motorhome warranty solutions.

Engineer aftercare offers a guarantee and peace of mind

Engineer aftercare offers quality and affordable warranty guarantees for most leisure vehicles up to twelve years old (seven years for water ingress). They can replace an existing warranty coming to an end, ones that have expired, or if a customer is buying privately. Twelve months of motor and habitation cover, with up to £1,000 per claim limit and unlimited claims in any one year. Plus exclusive use of over 450 AWS-approved workshops UK-wide. Discuss with Engineer Aftercare what will work for you and help you with leisure-related warranty guarantees and how they work.

Find out even more about guaranteed after-sales services

Like Engineer Aftercare Warranty, Motorhomes Campervans and Available Today provide a range of products and services to anyone associated with leisure vehicles. Both websites have a vast array of information about leisure vehicles and products. From motorhomes reviews, and videos to FAQ Warranty, and more. We find and display a lot of information that helps people to find your business, information and advice on all sorts of leisure services.

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Motorhome warranty guarantees information

Contact Engineer Aftercare to find out how their motorhome campervan warranty guarantees work and business packages. Please mention you are available today or motorhomes campervans customer for priority service. We endeavour to help any owner or business with leisure vehicle aftercare subjects, so by all means, give us a call. Telephone 01243 264056 Mob 07927 212401 or Email

Telephone 01243 264056

More than just a motorhome warranty guarantee company. We are building up relationships with customers looking for exceptional service and quality products. Especially recommended customers who now understand why people like our services and personal detailed attention. Engineer Aftercare has been establishing partner relationships that customers can benefit from. Now, if you want to join us then please in the first instance contact us we will be happy to be of help.

How Motorhome Warranty Guarantees Work

‘More than just a motorhome warranty guarantee company, we are building relationships with businesses and customers looking for exceptional service and quality products. Engineer Aftercare has increasing numbers of businesses that recommend customers they understand why people like our services, personal attention, and guaranteed same or next day document delivery. Engineer Aftercare has been establishing business and promoting and using the Approved workshop scheme. Building up member relationships that their customers can now benefit from and use. If you’re a leisure business and want to join us, in the first instance contact me I will be happy to help’.

Kind Regards Martyn Raybould

MCMI Managing Director Engineer Aftercare Ltd

Dealer Warranty Packages by Engineer Aftercare Ltd

As part of our service to dealers, motorhomes campervans are pleased to make available the Engineer Aftercare new ‘Dealer Warranty Package’ (DWP). The DWP is completely free to sign up to and provided by Engineer Aftercare Ltd.

  • 1-2-3 year award-winning warranty
  • £1000-£2000 claim limit
  • Unlimited claims in any year
  • Enhanced Habitation on NEW vehicles
  • Cover the Habitation section to mirror the commercial unit manufacturer cover
  • The selling dealer is the default workshop
  • Exclusive use of AWS award-winning fixed & mobile workshops
  • Main dealer options
  • Other VAT registered workshops UK wide
  • (Includes European cover)
  • Dealer Portal for fast setup
  • Guaranteed same-day documents delivery
  • Documents delivery email fully tailored to your business
  • The sector’s highest dealer commission rates paid
  • ALL future renewals are commission baring
  • Customers are called on receipt of an application
  • Congratulate them on the warranty purchase
  • A full explanation of their warranty cover provided
  • (Enhances the comfort factor of customers)
  • Apply to use the Engineer Aftercare dealer warranty
  • Either fill in the form or call 01243 264056
  • Mention you are a Motorhome Campervan MHCVclient