Hymercar Sydney GT 60 high specification German van conversion

Hymercar Sydney GT 60 is a high-specification German van conversion is an interesting concept developed by the giant German manufacturer Erwin Hymer Group. A campervan key description of Hymercar Sydney GT 60 doing what it says on the tin. It is very roomy whilst remaining compact get that wow feeling when you enter the habitation areas. Having five seat belts provides that car appeal. So taking the children to school or going on an outing remains an option. The Hymercar Sidney specification provides for most things and includes everything needed in a campervan the Hymercar Sidney GT 60 is stylish in its appearance and has everything in the pop top for two people to sleep or stand up to cook or just relax. The Hymercar Sydney GT 60 is a very special model, offering a camper van that is more suitable for everyday use like a second car. Measuring a compact 4.96 metres in length, this model of the vehicle can seat up to five people thanks to the suspended seat and double bench seat.

Hymercar Sidney has car-like dimensions, as well as removable furniture which is available as an optional extra, making the new special model the perfect urban vehicle – a real multi-purpose vehicle. One highlight on trips is the standard pop-top roof, which has been specially developed for the body length and is heated. Visually, it’s perfectly integrated into the vehicle styling the Hymercar Sidney boasts the widest bed of its kind in the industry, measuring 202 by 150 centimetres.

  • Hymercar Sydney GT 60
  • Two berths
  • Five seat belts
  • Pop top campervan
  • Awning
  • Electric Step
  • Cab Air Conditioning
  • Automatic
  • Fiat Ducato 2.3L 150bhp

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