Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers

Now, just what drives us to buy Italian motorhomes European motorhome manufacturers? They are all getting very focused to sell in the UK. Is this all about value for money? We doubt, that is the b and end all. This could be all about the thought of summer, sun, blue skies and Italian ice cream! To say nothing, about those blue waves, crashing on the beech. Tomatoes, pastor red wine and just fab seafood, fresh from the sea. Is it those place names, Rome, Napels, Turin, Florence, Milan, Pizza it’s endless history. Now, are you are thinking Italian? So, before we get carried away, let’s look at what Italian motorhomes are all about!

Well, they have to all have that grande Italian word, called style! The fact is, that the made in Italy motorhomes, have been around for a while. They just look the part, both, inside and outside. You step inside an Italian motorhome and that style hits you, instantly. The curve of the handles, the lighting designs and great detail in the upholstery. Exceptional areas of space, kitchens, that taste of Italian cuisine. The beds and designs, make the layouts work. Searches, related to Italian motorhomes are numerous. From Italian motorhome manufacturers, to enthusiastic Italian motorhome dealers. You will find very Italian names, like Mobilvetta motorhomes for sale. Even the mighty German Erwin Hymer group, is bringing in Italian motorhomes, to the UK. Etrusco motorhome for sale, this is a leading Italian brand owned by the Germans. A start of Italian representation in the UK.

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers McLouis Fusion

The latest Italian motorhomes, to be brought in to the UK, are by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. The long established UK motorhome manufacturers. There are the 5 McLouis Fusion models, all coachbuilt motorhomes. They are based on a fixed bed layout, with an end garage. The Trigano Group, who own both, McLouis and Auto-Sleepers, have many other well know Italian brands. Including names like Rimore and Elnagh. Again, long established brands and well known Italian motorhomes. In the UK, the McLouis Fusion range, has been well received. Now with 2019, looking like it is going to be even more well received. Customers, like the Italian motorhomes, the looks and the layouts, makes them extremely popular. Very much all with great specifications, the other factor is, they are real value for money!

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers McLouis Motorhomes

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers 5 McLouis Models

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers Made In Italy

The fact remains, with or without all the Brexit issues. The European motorhome manufacturers, own many Italian motorhome brands. The facts are that Italian made motorhomes and campervans, are very popular! For example, Mobilvetta motorhomes 2018 models sold well. That is reflected in the different Mobilvetta motorhomes reviews. Just how many of those Italian motorhomes have you looked at?

  1. McLouis Fusion
  2. Mobilvetta
  3. Elnagh
  4. Giottiline
  5. Rimor
  6. Sea Group

Italian Motorhomes European Motorhome Manufacturers Fiat Ducato

Now, when you look at the world of chassis, then one name is very prominent Fiat! They are one of the market leaders in chassis and cabs. Not to mention the Fiat Ducato, one of the great van conversion successes. As, Fiat says, “Ducato made to be a motorhome”! The videos really do show you how automation is taking over.