Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group

Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group is the hidden gem in the European motorhome market. All the vehicles are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The whole operation has over 2,500 employees . The four production sites are located in Jandelsbrunn, Mottgers, Schlüsselfeld and Nagyoroszi in Hungary.  The secret of the Knaus Tabbert success, is the continuously development of leisure vehicles. Using the top materials and construction methods, making all sorts of recreational vehicles, to a high standard.

With a commitment to the past development, all being used as a learning curve. Making the future even more intelligent, with a much more environmentally friendly approach. Making vehicles safer for the customer to rely on. The standards of design, are all leading to the production of great motorhomes.

Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group Developing Leisure

There is a long history about how the Knaus Tabbert was formed. Now they have become one of the three leading manufacturers of motorhomes, caravans and camper vans in Europe. The way forward has been made by the company making first‐class quality, leisure products, With some far reaching innovations and many years of experience. By offering recreational vehicles for every customers taste. Customers are encouraged to easily try try and rent.Using the rental service rent and travel.  There are a number of motorhomes, caravans and camper vans from the Knaus Tabbert brands;

  1. Knaus motorhomes
  2. Tabbert
  3. Weinsberg motorhomes
  4. T@B
  5. Morelo

Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group 80 years on

There is a lot to consider when looking at Knaus Tabbert. This often reflects the fact that it has over 80 years of history. The company was and remains one of the pioneers in the motorhome and caravanning industry. The entrepreneurial spirit remains and that reflects the inventiveness of the founders. Both, have added considerable value to developing a great company. Helmut Knaus Senior and Alfred Tabbert played a role in the development of  recreational vehicles. Knaus Tabbert represent that spirit of freedom, individuality and with comfort at the highest level. The development and the promise of the best possible, has not changed since the company’s founding. Today we see the growth of some great brands, many continuing to win industry awards throughout Europe.

Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group
Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group