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The Laika motorhome group offers an awful lot of exciting motorhomes. The quality of the Laika motorhome group designs is what you would like in any motorhome of luxury. Building, prestigious motorhome is all about providing customers with functionality, innovation and being practical as well. Italian design wins the day and providing that professional, specialist after-sales service adds even more value.

Providing customer satisfaction, is just one of the main goals, for the Laika motorhome group. The attention to detail and construction techniques make Laika motorhomes stand out. The customer is all about being at the centre of attention. Providing motorhome marketing, that customers identify with is important. After the sale as well, right down to providing spare parts years later is all part of the services.

Laika Motorhome Group History

The Laika motorhome group story began in 1964. At that time man began that journey to the moon. So, setting out to conquer space and ventures to the unknown. The company founder, Giovambattista Moscardini, was fascinated by space and travelling to those new horizons. He decided to give the company the name of the first dog launched into space. Then decided that the red greyhound with wings is chosen as its logo. So, to complete the Laika motorhome group story,1964 was also the year of the first model of caravans, the journeys go on!

Laika Motorhome Group Models

There are many factors when describing the Laika motorhome group its models and layouts. All part of being an Italian motorhome is to demonstrate that outstanding Italian style. Choosing an Italian cab, like Fiat, provides Laika motorhomes for sale. There are two main models the Laika Kreos and Laika Ecovip models. Both offer very high-end finishes, with Italian style when it comes to the design. Therefore, it is hardly surprising given their Italian pedigree to have that wow look! With many neat features, include complete cabin and cab integration, this soon shows what is on offer. The idea is simple to make sure that space is maximised There are many features like the double pass-through floor. This combines heating and storage areas, that just work!

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LAIKA CARAVANS s.p.a  Via Certaldese 41/A – San Casciano in Val di Pesa – 50026 Firenze (FI) Telephone: +39 055 8058.1

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