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Lead generation motorhomes SEO search engine optimisation. We have articles that are sponsored by the “motorhome insiders.” No doubt, there are lots of topical things to discuss including the actual day to day life of buying and selling leisure vehicles. The hot topic is currently about the motorhomes campervans supply chain issues. Motorhome insiders set out to discuss all sorts of issues that may well have an adverse effect on how leisure vehicles are brought and sold. The motorhome insiders is a feature of information from leading UK buyers “we but any motorcaravan”. They at we buy any motorcaravan have become one of the top buyers of leisure vehicles in the UK. They provide a very competitive service offering free valuations and collections in the UK. They provide a seamless payment via bank transfer.

Changing times with motorhome insiders

The motorhome insiders provide an insight into leisure vehicles from owner experiences and reviews of makes and models that they have been brought and sold. The lack of new motorhomes and the price increases on new vehicles are driving used motorhomes and campervans prices up. Some think this is about to set off a chain reaction of dealers with not enough stock to have to change their strategy as they can no longer rely on motorhome shows to provide them with leads and new customers. Changing opening hours to appointment only and not working weekends would seam to be the order of the day.

What next can we expect in the motorhome supply chain?

In these challenging times, the key to all things is what used motorhomes you have for sale and how many new motorhomes you will get in the next few months. The word part exchange has really shown everyone that taking in part exchanges has declined the question is why? There are many reasons we find ourselves in this situation obviously, Covide has caused a lot of destruction to people’s lives but no one anticipated that other factors would kick in and make things even harder. So, how about getting to the route causes of what is happening? What can be done to make sure that we have a survival plan and just who can you trust to deliver those promises and help replenish stock. The real issues are emissions and penalties are playing a part in supply being virtually the holy grail of reasons to not make so new motorhomes.

Just when things began to lookup

The Environment Agency show that the cost of non-compliance with the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) and the domestic CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) may be significant. Also, regarding a company’s reputational impact the Environment agency report names the non-compliant parties and fines being handed out. This is now impacting motorhome and car manufacturers with retailers can expect further rationalisation of model ranges, variants, trims and engines this year as carmakers look to meet the challenge of emissions regulations.

The Clean Air For Europe (CAFE) programme came in last year, where 95% of a vehicle manufacturer’s fleet needed to emit below 95g/km CO2. From 2021, the average emissions of all newly registered cars of a manufacturer now have to be below that target. OEMs breaching the limit will be fined €95 (£84) per car sale, per gram of CO2 over the limit, with companies like Volkswagen Group facing as much as €4.5 billion (£4bn) in fines, based on predictions by PA Consulting.

Helping leisure dealers 

For those leisure vehicle dealers who work with and have joined the CMS Trade auction then you may want to have a serious conversation with us on how we can help you find stock to sell. Motorhomes campervans can also help you to review your advertising and discuss what you think is going to be the next obstacle to overcome. Lead generation is still a hot topic with many dealers trying out in house management and failing to find the right answers the real understanding is organic growth and how to actually get cost affective leads.

Have your say tell us what you think

Yes, let us know what you think if you are a dealer, an employee of a leisure business or just someone wanting to buy or sell a motorhome or caravan let us know your thoughts. As the motorhome insiders talk to so many people they can understand customers and the trade views. That actually covers a wide range of things on a day to day basis and they really do set the benchmark for actual prices.

Lead generation motorhomes SEO search engine optimisation

What will be the next trend?

There are many unanswered questions due to all sorts of reasons. What do motorhome insiders make of the current market trends? How long will it take to get back to having a smooth supply chain? How are prices going to react can we continue to keep prices stable? Ask us questions and we will pass them on to the motorhome insiders team. If you feel that being on the podcast could add value then let us know your opinion all counts.

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