McLouis Fusion 360 Leisure Vehicles Videos

Motorhomes campervans leisure vehicles videos are delighted to display a video from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes the McLouis Fusion 360 this is a luxury styled Italian motorhome of award-winning standards introduced in 2018. Auto-Sleeper has the exclusive marketing responsibility for the five McLouis Fusion range Auto-Sleeper has been making motorhomes for over 57 years and has been a pioneer in presenting out and out luxury coach built motorhomes.

McLouis Fusion Leisure 360 Vehicles Videos Videos

The McLouis Fusion 360 is an Italian fixed bed motorhome that is exclusive to Auto-Sleeper motorhomes in the UK alongside the other McLouis Fusion motorhomes the layouts are fixed beds four-berth models with four travelling seats and some with five travelling seats. With options to downsize to 3500kg making this available to drive on the standard UK license, the McLouis Fusion range has an end garage that provides ample storage space.

McLouis Fusion 360 Leisure Vehicles Videos Online

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McLouis Fusion 360 Leisure Vehicles Videos

McLouis Fusion 360 Leisure Vehicles Videos Motorhome Dealers

There are some excellent McLouis Fusion motorhome dealers who will be delighted to discuss what fixed bed coachbuilt motorhomes are of interest. Finding out about motorhome loans are available