McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019

See, the McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019. The McLouis Fusion 360, will be positioned outside the main entrance hall. So, allow yourself plenty of time to get admission. Why, well no doubt interest in the McLouis Fusion 360, may well block the entrance! Having been on display at Manchester and Glasgow motorhome shows. They turn heads. The customer feedback, has been well received by the McLouis Fusion dealers. Sales of these excellent Italian motorhomes, is certainly making the McLouis comeback to the UK interesting. Not to mention memorable, to the buyers so far!

There is no stopping the appearance of the McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019. The model selected is the McLouis Fusion 360. All McLouis Fusions have the fixed bed layouts, with 4 berths and rear garages. This is backed up by a really impressive specification, so, why all the fuss? Well, we have a new Italian motorhome range, that offers real “value for money”! Backed up by an exclusive agreement with Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, the UK motorhome manufacturers. McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are both, Trigano Group companies.

McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019 Deals

Now, make sure you take a close look at the specification of the McLouis Fusion 360! With an excellent choice of cab the Fiat provides cruise control and cab air conditioning. With a real interesting set of options, the Fiat comfortmatic transmission is available. The standard 6 speed gearbox may well be what people like. But,the comfortmatic has been well received. See this article; Fiat Ducato Comfortmatic Gearboxes McLouis Fusion Options. These are also some key points;

  1. fibreglass roof 33 mm thick.
  2. step-on, anti-hail-bearing structure
  3. living space door
  4. habitation door with window, bin and blind
  5. solar ready cable pre-setting for solar panel
  6. colour bumper front bumper in white
  7. integrated daylights
  8. Sky dome window with blind
  9. wide garage doors
  10. internal garage height up to 1470 mm (model specific)
  11. LED garage space lighting
  12. lowered garage doors for a more comfortable loading (model specific)
  13. entrance door pleated sliding mosquito net on
  14. external LED light over the entrance door
  15. Seitz windows
  16. solar panel
  17. fibreglass underbody resistance against water and atmospheric agents

McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019 Dealers

So, if you are a first time motorhome buyer and need some help just ask. The McLouis Fusion dealers, are on hand to help with all the sales and after sales services. Motorhome finance and part exchanges wanted. Online motorhome insurance quotes and motorhome warranty extensions. Just a call away and you could be driving a McLouis Fusion, sooner than you think!

McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019

McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019 Specialists

So, a very international affair, made in Italy, by Italian motorhome manufacturer McLouis. Owned by a French giant Trigano group. Sold in the UK by the very English,  Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Held at a top UK event location, the NEC (national exhibition center) in Birmingham. Now, McLouis is not short of followers, in Europe and Italy, far from it. The event at the NEC, is going to be a very interesting motorhome marketing experience. Especially, for the staff of the McLouis Fusion dealers, at Nick Whales. They are on hand to meet and greet anyone, interested in the McLouis Fusion 360 motorhome. Because, so many people will see the McLouis Fusion 360 on display in the main NEC entrance hall! This will be quite a challenge. Customers, are still able to contact a McLouis Fusion specialist dealer, they are listed below;

McLouis Fusion 360 NEC Exhibition 2019 Range

If you don’t make the NEC, then take a look at the McLouis Fusion video. Here your research will begin, into these excellent Italian motorhomes.