McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show

McLouis Fusion NEC motorhome show the details are, that at the NEC a McLouis Fusion will be in the Entrance Hall. Following on from the BC motorhomes Glasgow show success McLouis Fusions. So, off to Birmingham with the McLouis Fusions Italian motorhomes. That Italian flare is causing heads to turn. All 5 models, may be downgraded to 3,500 kg. Therefore, allowing the models to be driven, on a standard UK licence. So, now to the Nec and buying a McLouis Fusion motorhomes, could not be easier. They will have one model on display in the main entrance hall!

So, seeing a McLouis Fusion could not be easier. let alone buying one! Now, it is the NEC 19th to 24th February 2019. Nick Whale motorhomes takes up flying the McLouis Fusion flag! It is the first motorhome in the entrance hall! Other McLouis Fusion dealers, will be available on their normal contact numbers. Just in case you missed the information check out buying a McLouis Fusion. They are just great examples of Italian designs and layouts. When you see one, it soon begins to register, that they are “excellent value for money”

McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show Get The Picture?

Well we know they are very attractive motorhomes. So, do you really get the picture? Now taking selfies at the NEC. Yes, this is Paul ‘Woody’ Woodward, from Nick Whale motorhomes. Just ask him about the new McLouis Fusion range. He will take you for a look inside and show you round these excellent Italian motorhomes. Until the end of February they come with a FREE LUX pack which includes; Cab blinds, carpets, reversing camera and Thule awning! Send us your selfie with your McLouis Fusion or one of ours! See on Facebook.

McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show Why McLouis Fusion?

So, pray tell us, what all the fuss is about the McLouis Fusion range? Well it’s not rocket science. You just simply take a beautiful Italian design. Add things that people want in a motorhome. Fixed bed, 4 berths, up to 5 travelling seats with seat belts on some models. Put a rear garage for good storage and use layouts that work! Oh, it helps to have good motorhome marketing to hand! What better, than being McLouis and Auto-Sleeper motorhomes owned by the large French company Triagano group. All spreading the word that the Fusion of the McLouis and Auto-Sleeper is exclusive for the UK. Add to that selected, specialist, McLouis Fusion motorhome dealers and hey ho, we have a real winner. That also starts with;

  1. fibreglass roof 33 mm thick.
  2. step-on, anti-hail-bearing structure
  3. living space door
  4. habitation door with window, bin and blind
  5. solar ready cable pre-setting for solar panel
  6. colour bumper front bumper in white
  7. integrated daylights
  8. Sky dome window with blind
  9. wide garage doors
  10. internal garage height up to 1470 mm (model specific)
  11. LED garage space lighting
  12. lowered garage doors for a more comfortable loading (model specific)
  13. entrance door pleated sliding mosquito net on
  14. external LED light over the entrance door
  15. Seitz windows
  16. solar panel
  17. fibreglass underbody resistance against water and atmospheric agents

McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show Why Not?

McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show

McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show Display

McLouis Fusion NEC Motorhome Show