Mobilvetta Italian Motorhome Group

Mobilvetta motorhomes group Italian style high specification.

Mobilvetta motorhomes group Italian style high specification. are always looking to help Mobilvetta dealers. Especially, to promote new and used Mobilvetta motorhome sales. Be it in Italy, Europe or now in the UK. In addition, it provides a place for Mobilvetta owners to discuss any Mobilvetta topics. Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information. When you set out to investigate a Mobilvetta motorhome group model, you will find all the Italian flair. For anyone seeing one for the first time, it will be an unparalleled motor-homing experience.

There are a number of exceptional exclusive Mobilvetta Tekno Line motorhome ranges. The  K-Yacht A-class series and the newly introduced Kea P series offer 3 compact low profile models. All, Mobilvetta motorhome group motorhomes are competitively priced within their luxury sectors, There is such a buzz when investigating these motorhomes, Because, they stand out, without any compromise to quality or specification.

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Mobilvetta Motorhome Group Part Of Trigano Group

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Mobilvetta Italian Motorhomes

Why Mobilvetta motorhome group? There is a passion that can only be Italian. The Mobilvetta name, remains popular in the European leisure market. Nothing seems to stop them, when it comes down to sheer class. Anyone, not familiar with the brand, soon realises this is a very special motorhome.

S.E.A. Società European Auto caravan

S.E.A. Società Europea Autocaravan, that was where the journey really began for Mobilvetta. This soon became a leading European manufacturer of motorhomes. The company was created in 2000 via a merger of Elnagh motorhome group, McLouis motorhome group and Mobilvetta. However, the journey continued on, in January 2013, S.E.A. became part of Trigano Group. Trigano is a French company quoted on the Paris Bourse. Mobilvetta continues those rich Italian motorhome designs, with the journey, maybe only just starting.

Mobilvetta Motorhome Group K Yacht

The Mobilvetta motorhome group K-Yacht Tekno Line is a luxury four-berth with two drop-down double beds. One is situated above the rear lounge area. This very Italian design provides a dynamic spacious dining area. Another good feature is the stylish storage units. There are also other pull-down storage above the cab. The layout provides a very luxurious washroom and a kitchen located in the centre of the motorhome. There is a spacious dining area, which is another key feature of all Mobilvetta motorhomes.

Mobilvetta Motorhome Group KEA 

The Mobilvetta motorhome group, Kea range, is a luxury low profile, four-berth motorhome. The key feature of fixed single beds at the rear of the motorhome. There is also a really spacious double bed, above the lounge area. The Mobilvetta kitchen is a delight to cook in. There is an en suite-style bathroom making this a very special area and can be a private space. There is no doubt about its Italian pedigree. Mobilvetta continues to offer spacious living areas, all with plenty of storage space.