Motorhome Tracking Systems

Reliable motorhome tracking systems are now playing an important role in the development of motorhome security. Avoiding having any motorhome stolen or broken into is imperative for customers peace of mind. Many motorhome manufacturers are fitting motorhome tracking systems when the motorhomes are new. Therefore helping to reduce the fitting costs. As well as reducing insurance quotes and policy costs. Customers tracking renewal fees are now very competitive. This may vary with the type of track being put in place. However, the renewal fee somewhat pales into insignificance if tracking stops motorhomes being stolen by thieves. Helping in the protection of motorhomes by keeping insurance premiums competitive and making claims recovery easier to manage.

Are you looking to find the right tracking package? One that provides with peace of mind? This is all part of the selection process. There are some good motorhome alarm specialists to provide cover. Many specialise in bespoke tracking devices. Mostly those that have been somewhat pioneers in developing motorhome security. Having begun by fitting better locks and security gadgets. Moving into developing very good tracking systems. This has been an important development area and very much an area that helps all motorhome owners. Stopping motorhome theft and outwitting the thieves is not just a pastime. Sadly in this day and age, it is a full-time occupation.

Motorhome tracking systems the basics

Tracking motorhomes is only part of the puzzle. Many tracking devices cover caravans, cars and commercial vehicles. All need one thing to assist is for everyone to be as vigilant. We are not saying to try and detain a thief caught in the act. But, to inform the company and the Police as soon as possible. Especially if you see a stolen motorhome out on the road.

  1. Do not assume that theft won’t happen to you
  2. Discuss with insurers and ask what they are recommending
  3. Talk to professional tracking companies
  4. Understand what is on offer
  5. Hide spare keys and  lock windows, when away from the motorhome
  6. Take pictures of your motorhome including the registration number
  7. Door locks working for the security
  8. Alarm codes, keep them in a safe place and change them regularly
  9. don’t leave valuables on display
  10. test the alarm where possible

Motorhome Tracking Systems The Theft

Evaluating any motorhome tracking system may be about looking at how the process works? Does backup have to be a priority? Is 24/7 access imperative? Who do you contact when your motorhome disappears and has been stolen? Have that number on your phone and a paper copy will always be helpful. Because you may have left your mobile in the motorhome. So that paper copy may be able to provide the number quickly and be invaluable in time-saving. Contacting the tracker people will help you feel better. Just posting those pictures of your motorhome online as stolen, may help as well. The most important thing is that the company affect the tracking system quickly. Does this usually happen within minutes of receiving a call where is my motorhome? Yes, and when it all happens its only natural that you are going to feel upset. However, don’t despair help is to hand and 24/7 in most cases. Contact your insurance company as well as the tracker company. You may also when talking to the Police ask to obtain a crime number. This will help refer to the theft for an insurance claim and help the Police as well.

Motorhome Tracking Systems Tracking Companies

There are many good, tracking companies out there. Phantom is one of them and a UK company, that was created in 2002. They were formed to provide secure and reliable tracking systems. This was aimed for helping to protect caravan, motorhome and cars.  Now, as the company, they have developed and they have expanded their portfolio. Therefore, to offer a comprehensive range of security products. The main aim has been to provide high-quality security, at affordable prices. Something, according to their customers, they have been achieving for some time. Having the right tracker fitted especially, on a used motorhome, needs to be carried out by specialists. The “do it yourself tracker”, may not be approved by the motorhome insurance company. This is important to check out. Some tracking companies are online and will appear in an online search “motorhome tracking systems”;

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  • Thatcham tracker
  • Trackstar