Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome

At motorhomes campervans, motorhome buying guide finding that dream motorhome. We hope this  may come in useful! Whilst, we have many years of experience, mainly in answering questions about motorhomes and campervans. There are always questions about what does the motorhome jargon mean? To that end, we have begun to build up answers to the questions, on our motorhome jargon page. By answering questions and especially when counselling first-time motorhome buyers. This has been condensed, by using our top tips into a brief motorhome buying guide.

We have on offer, free motorhome advice. However, we do suggest, that you think carefully, about why you are buying one? Whilst, you should not start to question your decision! We want you to make sure that you fully understand things. Especially, what you expect from the type of motorhome, you may be deciding to buy. The important thing we think, is to look at what you really expect, to get out of your motorhome. This then leads to a positive approach, to finding the motorhome to buy. One that ticks most of the boxes, will be a challenge. Just narrowing your choice down, to say 2 may be a bit tricky! Do not despair, your dream motorhome awaits you, its just a matter of time before you meet!

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Let’s Start

Because, this is a large purchase both, financially and in actual size. Then you need to consider, how you are going to use your motorhome. If, you know some of the answers, then that will help in your deliberations. Especially, about the type of motorhome, that is likely to be suitable for your needs. For example, if the intention is to use your motorhome regularly for long-distance trips around Europe,? Therefore, you may well need additional storage especially, if the family are tagging along. That question of what number of passengers are going to be aboard, may incline you towards certain types of motorhomes. Some, that you may not have fully considered to buy as yet. By contrast, if you are planning to just use the motorhome only occasionally and over the summer months. Again, especially, just in the UK for example. Then that might suggest a different approach to find a good fit for what your expectations are. Start a list and consider the following;

  1. how much storage do you really need?
  2. will that comply to the payloads and weights?
  3. how many are going to use the motorhome?
  4. will it fit in the drive?
  5. will your neighbours object?
  6. have you a storage option?
  7. will you driving licence, cover you to drive a motorhome?
  8. what are you entering into an outright purchase, lease or HP agreement?
  9. have you researched the motorhome dealers who have what you want?
  10. what do you really know about the motorhome manufacturers?

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Prepare Your Motorhome Finances

Now, comes the important bits, motorhome finance and motorhome insurance. So, once you have a type of motorhome in mind. Whilst, you may be considering brand new or pre-used, you should begin to have a reasonable understanding of the sort of price, you may be paying. It’s always going to be advisable to be sure in advance. Especially, in the actual fact of just how you plan to finance your motorhome purchase. Whatever, you may be considering, this is no small / cost purchase. Apart from providing you with peace of mind, how you are going to pay. There must be care taken, in how you hand over your cash! You definitely, need to know know who you are dealing with. Again, make sure you understand the motorhome finance, and any proposition being offered. Only deal with an FCA approved lender. Getting the funding in place, this will also mean, you’ll be able to focus on driving a hard deal with the seller.

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Selecting Your Motorhome

Now, just consider, how should you approach buying the motorhome of your choice? Well, do not get too emotionally involved. Certainly, do not commit based on a set of photos alone. Whilst, all motorhome manufacturers, understandably want to display, their product in the very best light. They tend to spend thousands in their publicity material. There is nothing wrong in providing promotional material, it is just one method to gain your interest. Especially, if you have that funds, burning a hole in your pocket. Try to avoid losing your heart to a given motorhome. Especially, one that is based on just the looks. Take a more in depth look, at what is on offer. Many motorhome manufacturers, have excellent videos. Many taken of the motorhome both, inside and out. These are useful for sure, in deciding the layout you want. Seeing, how that bed assembles, this is a must at some point!

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Motorhome Research

There is absolutely no real substitute, for motorhome research. Find that one motorhome that ticks all the boxes, this may not quite work out. However, making a compromise, may well be essential on certain things. This may well provide a way forward. Especially, narrowing down on the models you are thinking about buying. The thing to remember, is that good dealers, will provide answers to your questions. Then the real issues will begin! Getting your hands on the wheel! Taking your chosen motorhome for a test drive. Remember, that a motorhome that looks fantastic in an online photograph, might feel completely different, when you are sat behind the wheel. So, test driving in for an hour or two may be a bit excessive. Just keep an open mind at the outset and things will fall into place. Don’t forget to reverse it!

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Ask An Expert

There is no doubt, that buying a motorhome, is not like buying a car. For sure motorhome buying is a specialist area, any form of motorhome buying guides, should make the point clear. There is little point saying it is easy, because, it is not just a matter of rocking up and paying for one. Then driving off into the distance all smiles! In fact, just knowing the in-depth knowledge, how a motorhome works, is a challenge. Sometimes, in life we need to ask an expert, buying a motorhome in our opinion is one of them. So, take expert advice and guidance, before deciding on a given model. Little things, like parking and storage when not in use can be tricky. Remember, laws and the insurance policy might prohibit you from permanently parking your motorhome on the public street at certain times and when it is not in use. Similarly, parking at home might be an issue with neighbours!

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Motorhome Specification

Making sure, that you have through in advance, needs real consideration. Remember, you are not the first one to buy a motorhome or the last! However, we would urge you to don’t over-compromise on the quality of the motorhome. There are many new models, out there and finding the one for you is the challenge! Economy, for some is going to be an issue for some. However, cutting back on space and specification in order to save perhaps a modest amount of money, may well be something not to do. As they say, we may all be wise after the event. Compromises may, of course, be the necessary of two evils. However, including that premium pack, may be a god send, when it comes to selling your motorhome. Asking an expert and overruling your instincts on fittings, furnishings and little luxuries that make a difference. This all may make a lot of difference, when using the motorhome.

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – Motorhome Driving Licence

Finally just a reminder to check your driving licence. The good news is that many motorhomes are allowed to be driven on a standard driving licence. However, nothing is that straightforward! The weight of a motorhome, the date you passed your test, both, may have an effect on the type of motorhome that you drive. It’s worth checking this in advance on the government’s website below. Here you will be able to check on that standard licence and any legislation that may affect you. Good luck and we hope using our motorhome buying guide finding that dream motorhome has been of use! Driving Licences.

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – McLouis Fusion Dining

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome – McLouis Fusion Beds

Motorhome Buying Guide Finding That Dream Motorhome