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Motorhome Buying Tips

Motorhome Buying Tips

This is our way to provide free, motorhome buying tips. Providing a free and easy access to motorhome advice, for anyone to use. You maybe looking for a motorhome or campervan and are stuck. Not sure which one to buy.This happens a lot when buying a motorhome or campervan. Especially, when you are buying for the very first time! If you have need of a motorhome buying tip, just ask us. We are easy to deal with. So, please feel free to contact motorhomes campervans at any time.

You may think it stupid to asking motorhome experts. However, they will help you to solve your dilemma. It may be a simple question of, who will do the best deal for you. Looking for motorhome finance or in need of a motorhome insurance quote! We have loads of pages of motorhome advice and good information to help anyone. This could be a question on a McLouis Fusion or an Auto-Sleeper motorhome? Or just needing to contact McLouis Fusion dealers to book a test drive.

Remember, buying motorhome tips, is all about just that tips on buying motorhomes. If you have any questions please contact motorhomes campervans and by all means ask us. There is a lot of information and free motorhome advice online. But, when it comes down to buying motorhomes you need to have time to do things in a logical way. Finding the right layout is always going to be the challenge. Getting a motorhome within your budget is the real tricky bit. Why do all those motorhomes you like cost so much? We have other pages of tips;

  1. new motorhome tips
  2. driving motorhome tips
  3. how motorhome work tips
  4. getting information
  5. finding people in the know
  6. budget and try and keep to what is affordable
  7. ask owners they always have good motorhome buying tips
  8. built up trust with the seller likewise with the buyer
  9. have motorhome professionals inspect what you are buying
  10. start out with an open mind, don’t be carried away
Motorhome Buying Tips
Motorhome Buying Tips
VAT Free Motorhomes2019-09-01T11:04:26+01:00

VAT Free Motorhomes

VAT-free motorhomes do they exist in the United Kingdom any more for the requirements of disabled people motorhomes are suitable as standard from different conversions. Specialist disability extras help for modifications for disabled people with VAT exemptions available in some cases. If in doubt about VAT ask your local citizens advice go online to HMRC website and the issues. Contact HMRC directly and ask them or deal with a dealer who has done VAT reclaims before learning how to participate in a VAT free scheme if you have a long-term illness or disabled and are fully wheelchair-bound paying to convert and modify maybe VAT free. If you meet the terms of wheelchair main HMCE requires suppliers to take reasonable steps to ensure that a disabled person is eligible for the relief this has been a very contentious area and many dealers will not participate in the VAT Free scheme.

VAT Free motorhomes Wheelchair uses only

Points to remember about motorhomes FAQ on wheelchair use motorhome manufacturers require dealers to follow the recommended procedures. Accordingly, fitting ramps and clamps to allow wheelchair access fitting of a wheelchair carrier and adaptations to the driving controls. Therefore, the vehicle is visibly for the needs of the individual disabled customer. VAT Free is a difficult one brought about by miss-use;

  1. wheelchair users only
  2. must be converted for their use
  3. no small modifications
  4. VAT Free issues for dealers
  5. many dealers will not take part
  6. legal implications in the past
  7. litigation dealers v HM Customs and excise
  8. now difficult to quantify who qualifies
VAT Free motorhomes
VAT Free motorhomes
Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes2019-09-01T11:06:05+01:00

Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes?

Explaining why are kitchen layouts are different in European motorhomes here is some logic behind this however, it does depend on the actual motorhomes layout kitchen areas differ that has many reasons? European motorhomes layouts may not have a large oven this is explained by the fact that Europeans more than often cook outside mainly on a barbecue in the sunshine. European motorhomes have garage space to carry the cooking equipment and other things that is why there is smaller kitchen space on European motorhomes. Hence, they tend to have small ovens as well as a microwave oven. Basic hob grill and smaller ovens built into the layouts along with neat gas ranges, many kitchen layouts are smaller on European motorhomes English designs are for cooking the Sunday roast hence larger oven space and roomy kitchen areas.

Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes? Layouts

Ten things to consider when looking at the role a kitchen layout holds;

  1. end kitchen a firm favorite
  2. galley kitchen always popular in van conversions
  3. barbeque points outside of course
  4. storage via a garage for kitchen stuff
  5. a large oven grill and hob on UK motorhomes
  6. small corner kitchens on European motorhomes
  7. classic large fridge freezer in the UK kitchen layout
  8. microwave all sizes that help out at snack time
  9. extra drainage and cupboard areas
  10. large cutlery draws and waste bins standard

Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes? Microwaves

When looking at motorhomes the layout areas are the main source of research none more so than the kitchens areas what to expect them to have. Cooking inside the motorhome is a bit English mainly because the UK weather does not always look kindly on that Sunday dinner European layouts follow that outside approach with an end garage as the main feature fixed beds are popular as well so all this type of layout dictates smaller kitchens.

Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes
Why Are Kitchen Layouts Different In European Motorhomes
How Many Berths What Layout Do We Need?2019-09-01T11:07:36+01:00

How many berths what layout do we need?

Layouts depend on the sleeping accommodation most motorhomes are four berths but there are two up to eight berths to consider looking at layouts by makes and models is a way to find what is required. Experiencing what the layouts look like how the beds assemble and seeing just what an end kitchen with a fixed bed looks like makes a difference. The habitation space dimensions the size of the freshwater and wastewater tanks add to the overall weight the shower space varies as do kitchen areas especially on European motorhomes layouts Europeans cook outside on a barbecue in the sunshine Europeans motorhomes have rear garage space smaller kitchens.

The layout is a personal thing however the number of travelling seats and berth spaces will determine the size of motorhome required there are some key points about berths and layouts here are ten to consider;

  1. end bedroom space for twin beds
  2. end kitchen
  3. French or fixed bed
  4. Fixed beds with electric dropdowns
  5. Luton layout with over cab
  6. end washroom/bathroom
  7. u shaped lounge
  8. l shaped lounge
  9. full rear garage space
  10. A class layout with integrated cab area
How many berths what layout do we need?
How many berths what layout do we need?
How Do I Find A Good Motorhome Dealer?2019-09-01T12:29:20+01:00

How do I find a good motorhome and dealer?

Finding a good motorhome dealer is about research with recommendation springing to mind many motorhomes dealers advertising motorhomes for sale nationwide. Searching by postcode is a way to find local dealers who provide services to help any motorhome owner. Therefore, new and old customers find answers to questions to explain interesting points regarding the use of motorhome services. Helping customers to choose the right vehicle for your family having leading motorhome franchises provides an insight into how good the dealer is. Motorhome manufacturers have a brand to protect therefore, poor service is not going to help customers and top motorhome dealers provide excellent services. They have to in order to keep the motorhome manufacturers happy things go wrong on motorhomes from time to time that is when a good motorhome dealer really helps especially, with after-sales and offering all the sales propositions.

How do I find a good motorhome and dealer? Recommendations

Well, there is no doubt, looking on forums and what owners say is a good start point. But, do not be put off with a bad comment, about a motorhome dealer. Some customers are renowned for complaining! They try to force the dealer to compensate and give something for free. The motorhome dealer has to take care of their and the manufacturers’ reputation. So, good and how bad comments are dealt with may lead to a first-class motorhome dealer. In the end, many times it comes down to the people and relationships built up over time. Having that trust in the advice that the motorhome dealer is providing is also important. No motorhome dealers, want poor recommendations far from it. Many now strive to provide excellent service and make buying a motorhome a memorable experience. Having leading motorhome services are important the top ten way to help find a motorhome dealer;

  1. premises easy to find and plenty of parking
  2. sales and after-sales on the same site
  3. communications – do they answer the phone
  4. emails answered on time
  5. franchised trained technicians
  6. social media interaction
  7. up to date information on franchises on website
  8. the friendly staff always wanting to help
  9. approved workshops
  10. body and paint repairs

How do I find a good motorhome and dealer? Franchised Dealers

Finding excellent services from good motorhome dealers the best motorhome dealers are the ones who go out of their way to help customers no matter how large or small the customer needs are. As they say, the devil is in the detail the customer may only need a fuse, but, next time a new motorhome looking at how long they have been motorhome dealers tells a story there are many who have been motorhome dealers for a long time they have the experience that helps. Take on board issues and that a motorhome dealer is facing find out do they have good after-sales service available 24/7 helplines and online contact forms are good pointers the service is there it is a matter of seeing who helps customers.

How do I find A good motorhome Dealer?
How do I find A good motorhome Dealer?
What Is The Best Value For Money Motorhome?2019-09-01T12:32:56+01:00

What is the best value for money motorhome?

Well, this is a great question, what is the best value for money motorhome? The answer may be a question back to you, what is the best motorhome for your needs, that is the question? Also, this will determine what you need to look for, when buying a motorhome. Also, to find value for money, this may be in the specification that you require. Hence, the size of the motorhome, the size of the berths, that detail layout, provides an insight into the values of different layouts. For example how many seat belts, is another consideration? All the factors from garage space, to storage lockers and payloads may come into the question.

Also, value for money may be found in what are standard fittings.? What is going to be the cost of options. Many motorhome manufacturers, charge out as an extra or premium pack. So, that motorhome then has key fixtures and fittings may cost a bit more when new. Thus, many motorhomes are cheap in some ways when you take in the free standard specification. But, the standard specification may be a little low compared with the full premium pack additions. Specification is what determines the real value of any motorhome! In addition, that will then reflect in the residual value and may be when it comes to sell second hand. You have a quick sale, because, the buyer has found the answer to their question. What is the best value for money motorhome? The one that you are selling!

Top ten tips that may come in very handy when looking for the best value for money motorhome;

  1. specification
  2. free premium packs
  3. essential layout
  4. number of seatbelts
  5. travelling seats
  6. cab accessories
  7. number of berths
  8. weights and dimensions
  9. payloads
  10. resale values

What is the best value for money motorhome? Research

There are many offers throughout the year that may answer. What is the best value for money motorhome? None more so, than at motorhome shows. There is always the seasonal offers, that actually do become bargains. So when we are asked the question. What is the best value for money motorhome? The answer may well be the last old model with a great specification. The one on a special offer at a motorhome show! New motorhomes are always going to be competitive on price. For example a new McLouis Fusion, that have been brought in by Auto-Sleeper from Italy. They represent huge value for money. Because, they are a leading brand in Europe and look exceptional value for money. Used motorhomes have to be judged on condition so, they remain valued on an individual basis. A brand new motorhome is going to de value. But, there is nothing like a new motorhome.

What is the best value for money motorhome? Information

Points to remember – Motorhomes FAQ. Take a look on forums and read what owners have to say. Our latest offers page can also be of help. Also, look at things on used motorhomes like water ingress and damp issues. They may well destroy values because, a damp motorhome is not very desirable. Thus, when you are looking for a motorhome just check the details. Things like extended warranty and certain types of warranties on offer. All can add value. You may think you are buying a bargain but, this could reflect the condition. So, read the small print the devil is in the detail! Also, ask the previous owners. Especially,  if you are buying from a dealer. As they are a helpful source of information! Service record and other key information all contribute to values. Remember. things like lap belts are not seat belts! Do a list of what ifs and stick to it!

What is the best value for money motorhome?
What is the best value for money motorhome?
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