Motorhome campervan caravan dealer warranty packages

Motorhome campervan caravan dealer warranty packages. In these troubled times, many manufacturers and dealers are facing changes. Marketing in selling leisure vehicles has relied on shows and events to promote new and used leisure vehicles. Things are changing rapidly, and change is never easy to handle. The coming months will be challenging to say the least. So, let us take a look at what is driving the changes.

  • Shortage of new and quality used vehicles
  • Shows and events cancelled
  • Changing customer profile (many thousands of first-time buyers)
  • Aftercare problems higher customer expectations
  • Staff shortages holding up handovers and service work
  • Sourcing used stock
  • More owners renting out their vehicles

New and used stock shortages

Nothing presses harder on your business than the shortage of stock following Covid-19. How has this all come about? It’s because no new vehicles manufactured means no rotation for owners, which feeds the pre-owned market. Pent-up demand on a grand scale. Add to that staycation and owners’ vehicle rentals this is making dealers look harder to find good used motorhomes. Leading to many dealers unsuccessfully trying to buy direct from owners to help maintain stock and income. There are just not enough used motorhomes to go around. New motorhomes now following a similar pattern of shortage of stock due to issues of component supply.

This is not just a UK problem. Things tend to have a knock-on effect, the supply issues are becoming a global issue and that could hold consequences shortly. Some customers are beginning to see that price will be a factor with price increases becoming inevitable. So, every add-on feature that provides a customer with value has to be found.

What are the answers to the questions being raised?

Here at motorhomes campervans, we listen to comments made about many topical leisure subjects. Currently, the whole issues are about trying to find continuity in supply and adopting better methods of marketing. In addition, to find other income streams that will reassure any first-time buyers that they are getting value for money. Make sure existing customers are cared for and the after-sales are handled in the best ways possible. Old customers have in many cases the keys to unlock the problems, in many cases, they own bespoke motorhomes and campervans. Offering part-exchange and we buy any motorcaravan services may be just what they want. So, look at what we can offer to help with motorhomes and campervans.

Reliable warranties and guarantees from Engineer aftercare

Providing peace of mind to customers is something both vendors and buyers want to achieve. So, offering a reliable proven warranty and guarantees that represents your service levels adds whole new income streams. Our advertiser Engineer aftercare has taken a new approach to an old problem that is all about great choice. To underpin dealer confidence, they are working with Motorhomes to promote new products.

Where to look for new products

Engineer aftercare has many different contacts and partners to help most leisure businesses to develop new products like warranties and guarantees. Promoting your membership-driven Engineer support has seen the Auto-Trail and Burstner owners clubs promote what Engineer has to offer to members. The addition of support for the Goboony owner’s rental plan is another prime example of how the Engineer gets involved to promote to a wide audience. Take a look at the partner list on the main Engineer website. To help is all about contacts and helping partners to find either new members or customers wanting to buy or sell a leisure vehicle.

Approved workshop scheme CaSSOA and the NTTA recommended

Engineer Aftercare is recognised by CaSSOA and the NTTA and recommended to their members. The Engineer aftercare rewards packages are sector-leading with commission paid every year a warranty renews. Take a look at what makes Engineer Aftercare different:

  • you are the client’s first choice for repair
  • with support, if required from any one of over 500 AWS-approved workshops (Standard rates, T&C paid)
  • competitive dealer rates using our ‘Dealer Portal’ on Caravan, Camper, Motorhome and Tow car
  • we provide customers with fast set-up from then on leave it to us
  • competitive retail rates for owners coming to your website
  • 1-2-3 years full warranty
  • enhanced habitation’ cover available on new motorhomes
  • to mirror the commercial section manufacturer network warranty
  • £40 commission including all future renewals, payable every year
  • dealership tailored email for documents delivery
  • dedicated Dealership web page/content
  • links on Engineer and Motorhome Campervans net (Drives your SEO)
  • guaranteed inclusion in up to 3 Engineer Aftercare E-news to all customers
  • priority customer service on mention of the dealer name
  • guaranteed same or next day set up and documents delivery

Contact Engineer aftercare

The Autoguard award winning Engineer Aftercare Warranty will not only take away post-sale issues but will also enhance and add value to your customers to keep them coming back. If you would like to know more, contact

Martyn Raybould MD


Call 01243 264056

Motorhome dealer warranty packages

Engineer aftercare provides a wide range of services that leisure vehicle dealers can benefit from, many provide real value for their customers. This is all about providing information on motorhome insurance and even pet insurance. There has been a real shortage of used motorhomes and now that is impacting new motorhome sales.

This is now beginning to make that customer service and aftercare, even more, important. As their supply no longer meets demand and residual values have gone up a lot. This all impacts back on the customer’s expectations and engineer aftercare has developed relationships with some quality dealerships in the UK.

  • Wales Continental Leisure Vehicles
  • Scotland Dyce Caravans
  • UK wide Motorhome Depot
  • Geoff Cox leisure
  • East Midlands  Derby Motorhomes
  • West Midlands TMD Motorhomes